I Love How


…Tracktalk acts as if the only girls they sleep with are 10s. Come on guys, the comments in the last couple of threads are ridiculous. Most of us here are a bunch of skinny runners, and unless you have a long term girlfriend, you would sleep with any of the girls who have been posted. Don’t act like its otherwise. You’re lying to yourselves.



Thank you.


Cool story bro.


yeah well i dont sleep with anyone so you can suck me dry


But I’m celibate…


By choice.




yeah… no.

i have never ****ed a 10, but i wouldnt have sex with all of the girls posted. unless they came up to me and asked me if i wanted to **** them, then maybe. if i saw some of the girls posted walking down the street, i wouldnt try to actively have sex with them.

maybe if i was at a bar and was drunk and they were the only girl in the room.


My girlfriend is a 10.


My boyfriend is a 10.


I can say whatever I want on a forum without having to provide proof.

I have 4 girlfriends and they are all 10s.


I have never slept with a girl who wasn’t a 10.

Note: I’ve never slept with a girl who was a 10 either :o


jbf is a 10.


I am a 10


One of those girls?


All this talk of 10s reminds me of a story!

So I was a freshmen in college and I barely knew one of the guys living on my floor, but one night in winter we both went out drinking to a party. Low and behold, he gets destroyed. We’re playing flippy and he’s all about this girl, but he’s smashed and can’t articulate his thoughts into words… or form coherent sentences. But the party starts to die down and she leaves, the guy from my floor follows. He stops her and says “You’re a ten”. She says how nice that was and then he says it again with passion “No, no. You don’t understand. You’re a ten.” Clearly, his point just got presented horrible and he keeps reiterating it to the point she’s creeped out and hiding behind me by him saying “You’re a ten” and hold out all fingers and thumbs out. Finally, her friends are walking away at what’s going on and I’m telling him to just let her go as she’s still behind me hiding. He finally lets out one last line: “Your blue eyes captivate me” and I saw her take off into the night running.

Him and I eventually became best friends. Mostly because of all the great stories we have from drinking in college, but low and behold, every girl he’s ever dated or fooled around with that I’ve met, I’ve walked up to her and said “You’re a ten”.


I have ****ed plenty of ugly girls.


What is 10?

EDIT: I lost my virginity to an 8.75/10… My girlfriend whom I’m currently having secks with is an honest 8. I’ve never had sex with a 9. I know I can have sex with an ex of mine who is a 9.5/10 if I wanted to, but being I have a girlfriend, I’m not doing that any time soon (I don’t think). That’s the God’s honest truth.


My average is probably a 7.3. Peaked around a 9.32, valleyed at a 0.69.


Pretty suspicious that all of the numbers mentioned so far are rational… everyone is aware that the set of rational numbers has measure zero, right?


MoS likes the crop of women I pull. And no, I am not that desperate that I would have relations with any woman posted here. I have standards, that’s why I get a lot less women than I could. Because I don’t cave and mess with the bottom feeders. I don’t settle.