I lifted weights and now I can't move my arms


The other day (Tuesday) I went to the rec center and pumped some iron. I haven’t lifted in a while and I thought I went fairly easy. Yesterday my biceps were pretty sore but today I can hardly fully extend them. They feel tight as hell and I’m walking like Malibu Barbie.

Am I just sore? Or is there something more serious?

Fake Edit: I’m a ■■■■■.


It happens.


You’ll get better in like 4 days.


I’m in the same position. Graduated college, trying to get bigger and haven’t lifted in awhile. I lifted Tuesday was sore the day after, lifted again the day after though, worked out different muscles. I took today off because I’m sore, especially in my left tricep which hurts to extend. Should I wait to lift again until this soreness goes away or just man up?


Might I recommend the “eh workout plan,” which involves doing no form of exercise except running?

You aren’t allowed speed training or running on treadmills, either.


Sounds like your vagina is full of sand.





Where does eh stand on the issue of cycling?


Sounds like a pretty bad case of being a woman.


I remember when I was a ■■■■■.


He does not even own a bicycle.