I have doubts. am i a vampire?


okay lets get down to business
i have been researching alot about vampires lately
it has been really bothering me
i need to know if i am a vampire or not

since the first book i ever read(which was about seventh grade-and about vampires) ive been hooked

i read everything on them

and then since last year ive started to beleive i am one

here are some of the symptoms i have read on other sites that i have

sunlight hurts my eyes but i never burn
i have excellent night vision
i am very empathetic(sp?)
i have an obbsession with drinking blood.i literally drool when i think about it
i love getting shots and seeing blood
im not particularly fond of gore but blood does not bother me
i have excellent perephial vision and fast reflexes
although my eyesight is poor and i cant hear low tones well…i can smell extremely well(and when i need to i can see something i normally couldnt tho it takes alot of effort)
ppl do tend to get tired around me
i can heal quite fast
i never get sick
im not an athlete but i am very flexible
i feel as though no person reallly thinks as deep as i do except for my boyfriend(who i have drank from and i think were on the same brain frequency lol)
i actually dont have many real friends and most friends i do have fade with the day
i am always cold too
not that i beleive that vampires are all cold but i belive they have extreme temperatures. i am always cold like freezing even other ppl say so. it never goes away(i hate the cold)
if u need to ask me a certain question to choose an answer please do i would love to know the answer



Is your name Edward? Thats usually a tell-tale sign


No you are not.
Trolls can’t be vampires.:smiley:


I smell a raid.


If you sparkle and glitter without taking a bath in glitter water, you might want to consult your local sketch doctor.


thank you i guess that makes sense
but i actually have drank blood before and i do not want to go into that. it would take forever
but i have researched more and i beleive that i am going through awakening
and the hunger feels more like a craving sometimes it hurts but other times i feel like idk i just need something… i feel like crying at times also. but sometimes it goes weeks before i feel that longing again.
i am feeling that longing asof now also

and i just realized another that could be a symptom
i am not diabetic and i rarely get sick but my blood sugar does drop at times. lately in the past week my blood sugar has dropped about 3 or 4 times(and it usually only ever drops like 1 or twice every 4 months)
and ive been having migraines ive never had migraines before only now


Is your name Jacob? Thats usually a tell-tale sign


Hmm. I say that you should go to the doctor and ask if you have a tapeworms and get that diabeetus thing checked out again.


This thread is sad. What is this 4chan or something. Or does no one remember who funnage is?


a vampire?


lol not much awareness in this thread


Are you actually attracted to Kristen Stewart? Thats usually a tell-tale sign.


Is your name jesse jackson? Thats usually a telltale sign


You people know too much about vampires.

Its not that I dont trust any of you, but I am wearing garlic from now on.