I have DISH


…but keep getting these if I switch over to DIRECT I get all these special deals and free this and that. I confess I don’t keep up with this sort of thing. Who knows about this stuff? DISH or DIRECT? Talking about in the long run


I don’t know bout that but I got constipation.


Sorry to hear that.

Maybe this will cheer you up.



Also there’s a cut o my chin that won’t heal because I shave.

Not complaining because there’s a patient whose veins are turning to bone and his penis fell off.


I hear ya about a chin cut and shaving, been there done that.

Is there a name for that condition? Veins turning to bone, penis falling off. I’m betting it’s some big long name like…Bonetoxicveinpenisdropoff-itist.

When I’m constipated this always puts a smile on my face:D



asteroids, hemmeroids, constipated-oids. not a fun time. use them to your advantage by making the ladies feel sorry for you, get narried then you can have much groin parties funnage.


Glad to hear that you do not have DISH (Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostis)


i was going to say the same thing.


Thanks for your concern:D

How’s bout some entertainment?


On a serious note…

I really would like to know if anyone here has switched from DISH to DIRECT then wish they hadn’t of.


98.7% of the time put my dinner on a dish but once in a great while I’ll eat direct from the cooking vessel- and most often that’s when I made Lobster/Bacon Mac&Cheese.
Use a knife,fork and spoon and a knapkin when I eat. No Spork* for me.

Patent Information: 1970 Official Gaz. (U.S. Patent Office) 11 Aug. tm 65 Van Brode Milling Co., Inc., Clinton, Mass… Spork for Combination Plastic Spoon, Fork and Knife

Ultimate Geek Spork------- this might crinkle my pants…

The spork is already a multi-function tool, so obviously the more functions you can add to it, the better it will be. This Ultimate Geek Spork will not only stab tater tots and carry soup to your mouth, it’s also Bluetooth ™ enabled, USB compatible, wireless, a laser pointer, a compass, an ultra-violet flashlight, an emergency beacon, a label maker, a pepper sprayer, a thermometer, a GPS positioning unit, a makeup mirror, a glass cutter, a calorie tracker, a pedometer, a cellular phone and an 8GB flash drive. Twitters what you eat and sounds an emergency clarion when food you are about to eat is at an uncomfortably warm temperature or is just plain over-spiced. If James Bond was a total nerd and had a spork, this would be i


I’m getting this impression nobody gives a damn about DISH/DIRECT, hahahaha!!!

How about the most exciting 33 seconds ever?



Beauty in motion award (male football division)>


Beauty in motion (female division)



You win the most exciting 50 second award:D

She’s way too skinny.

Then there’s…


You know about that Texas high school game, right?

While here…

Hit some yard sales yesterday. Scored a Terry Metcalf rookie (4 dollar card) card for a buck in mint condition. Metcalf being a great multi talented back out of Long Beach State, played for the then St. Louis Cardinals.

He was the father of Eric Metcalf who was just like his dad only faster. Eric is the best long jumper to ever play in the NFL, a 27-8 guy while at Texas, Terry was a 25-11 guy while at LBSt. So the next time anyones asks…who were the best father & son long jump combo to ever play in the NFL"…:smiley: