I guess she can go anywhere she wants



Also a cross country standout, Weissenbach has maintained a 4.23 weighted GPA in the classroom and scored a 2330 on the SAT. A member of her school’s select Chamber Singers choir and its Humanitas service organization, she has volunteered weekly as a tutor for underserved youth on behalf of A Place Called Home in South Central Los Angeles.


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First she’s going to France with the World Youth team


You’d be surprised how hard it is to get into a school like Stanford, even with a 2300+ SAT. Being a talented runner will certainly help, though. More than anything else on her resume.


I believe somebody else on here posted that if Harvard admissions wanted to they could have an incoming class of composed entirely of high school valedictorians.


Well, duh.


It is the academic achievement in a school long successful in placing its graduates in the best schools combined with the national scholastic record in the 800 which sets her apart like Hasay. Neither the academics nor the athletics alone would get her into every school, but together they would get her admission into any school that has a track program.


Harvard actually turns down hundreds of students who are number one in their classes every year.


One of my friends from highschool is the first person in our school’s history, I believe, to attend Harvard. Honestly, I don’t know how she got in though. She is smart, like 3.8 I think, does lots of volunteer activities, but besides that, nothing really stands out. She is a typical, white girl.


Harvard sent me an application in the mail, and I’ll keep boasting like it means something.


Perfect for the ivy league


3.8 GPA? If so, what is the scale?


I went out to track camp at stanford a few summers ago and the admissions lady that talked to us said that they rejected 5000 kids with perfect SATs that year. You have to bring something else to the table besides GPA and test scores at some of the top schools and I would think, because of track, the thread title is accurate.


In almost any school, if they meet the minimum standards required to be accepted and the coach wants them, the coach can have them. It is save to say acceptance to any college in the nation will not be a problem.


I’m pretty sure that there isn’t even 5000 perfect SAT scores in a given year?


This is clearly a huge exaggeration because <500 kids score a perfect score on the SAT each year. Also, despite the fact that extracurriculars, etc. are important, your chances at the top schools definitely increases quite a bit with a perfect SAT (I think it was shown that at Princeton, every 1 in 2-3 perfect SAT scorers were accepted which is a far higher rate than the overall admissions rate. Of course, this isn’t completely accurate since some of those perfect scorers may have had awesome extracurriculars too but you get the idea).


Bottom line here is that the most relevant datum for Amy Weissenbach is her 800 time.


Thread title makes me think it’s a girlfriend break-up thread and i laugh every time…


Standard scale.
4.0 = A
3.7 = A-
3.3 = B+


Some kid at my school got into brown with less than stellar SAT’s, he does a few extracuriculars but is serious about none, did a volunteer trip with me, and “ran track”