I don't want this place to cease to exist


But i’d rather this place be a ghost-town with the occasional antics and have us back on dyestat.

yes, this was thread worthy.


Quality thread; would read again.





Plus rep.


Plus rep… on Dyestat.


This is where we formulate our plots and post our NSFW stuff.


This place is till better because of post count and quick reply boxes.


And the pornography!




I love this forum. People need to stop trying to convince people to go over to espn rise because its simply not working.


FYI…Dyestat has quick reply box now


their site is still cumbersome to navigate. For instance, they don’t have a “view first unread” post link. Although up until now they did not need it - how long does it take to scroll down 3 posts?


I definitely hear you… they seem to be more responsive to requests rite now. New boards are vB so they should be able to add “view first unread” just as they added quick reply today.

Edit: PS I respect anyone’s decision to go, stay, visit both. I am really interested in a great community for my young athletes to be a part of. I can understand posters that are not in HS liking TT better, but I do feel energizing the community at dyestat for the high school-ers has clear benefits that I have seen give a real boost to our athletes emotionally, socially, etc.

-respect to all


Looks like they just added the view first unread link


lol… well there ya go.


I think it’s been there the whole time, just slightly different spot.



Its not dyestat. its ESPN. dont forget that. it will never be dyestat


QFE. I hate when people pretend that ESPN Rise is the same thing as Dyestat. Dyestat shut down a little over a year ago.


Remember when people thought they were going to be cool by making the switch?