I Caint Pay Ma Rent!


Eff man. I need a job desperately this summer. My financial aid will probably carry me through the next month or so, but there’s no way I can make it through the summer without income or mooching off of my new house mates. Me: poor and brown. Parents: poorer and browner. Employer preferences where I go to school: blond, blue-eyed, friendly, self-motivated, confident, smiley, yadda yadda hogwash. Fast food places didn’t even call me for Christ’s sake. :frowning:
Anyone wanna buy a PSP? :rolleyes:

My life…




Welcome to the new economy. Where having a college degree means you’re slightly better off applying to McDonalds.




Was just going to post that. I’m in the same boat though. Paying rent while trying to save money for life after college is a struggle. I joke with my landlords that I’m going to be eating rice and beans after I pay rent but I honestly do


Referee, Umpire, official etc… I do adult league soccer games in the summer that pays out about $55 a game, so I have to ref 5 games a month to pay my rent.


Dude where do you live, I “live on the cheap” and pay about 440 per month (including utilities not internet or cable). Most people I know pay around 800


Temp agencies.

Best summer job I’ve ever had. Made like $21.00 an hour delivering wine and other ridiculous odd jobs that I could never put on my resume, but it was great money for a 19 year old.

EDIT: I envy you guys. I pay $1485 a month in rent, though I do live by myself in one of the most expensive places in the country. Once my girlfriend moves in it won’t be so bad, I guess.


Land is pretty cheap in Middle Earth.


I split mine with 4 other people, 3 bedrooms 2.5 bathrooms


$260/month for rent, per person. But we live in the hood.

Also, re: money, I eat eggs for breakfast; turkey sandwiches for lunch; and spaghetti with pasta sauce, and a can of some vegetable for dinner. All day every day. You can’t eat much cheaper than that.

I’m poor.


I’ll be paying about $1500/month in a year or two. Woot.

To help you out, I suggest getting a lot of resume help, then streamline sending out your resume to anywhere you can, and ask people you know that have internships or jobs if there are openings/if they can refer you to get the door open to the company or industry.


I guess I’m pretty lucky I don’t have to pay rent right now, but I’m pretty swamped with student loans…already paid off two of them at about $3k each, but still have $25k to go with the rest. Bottom line: expensive schools aren’t worth it.


I’m currently paying 250 a month this summer while subletting a one bedroom apartment with one other guy. Starting August I’ll be paying 300 a month sharing with 6 guys in a 2400 square foot 3 bed two bath house in a nice neighborhood in St. Paul, but as long as you get a couple roomates it’s pretty ridiculous to be paying more then 300 around here.


310 for rent. almost 400 when cable and utilities are factored in.

i eat out almost every day of the week.


on campus apartments for freeeee


Eh, best one I could find…



$475/person including utilities, right across from campus


560 with 4 other guys in Boston. Including utilities, not cable/internet.


$450 including utilities (not TV). Live on my own.