Huyskie Classic Real time Results


Invite 5k
1 Cheserek, Edward UO 13:40.51
2 Ward, Jared BYU 13:42.17
3 Caldwell, Luke UNM 13:42.50
4 Olson, Erik STAN 13:42.56
5 Parrish, Mark UFL 13:43.15
6 Bosshard, Joe UCO 13:43.21
7 Stinson, Parker UO 13:43.51
8 Rotich, Anthony UTEP 13:44.13
9 Cabada, Fernando UNA 13:46.24
10 Chelimo, Micah ALAN 13:47.73


Even though 13:40 is an outstanding time , sometimes, you have to see how it’s done to see how good a guy might be.

Cheserek ran 58 on the end of this pulling away easily


Reed Connor, could have done better for himself in his interview

“white guy”?? reference? why?

“knew I had it”? he won by .31 with Tiernan doing all the late heavy lifting

I thought he came across kind of arrogant, acting like he did not know his competitors?