Hunterdon-Warren-Sussex girls results



Lanie Thompson ran 18 25 in 05. Should be course record.


Actually, according to a story Jim Lambert wrote in 2005, Lanie’s Skyland Conference time that day was No. 2 in course history to the 18:23 which Lily Thomas of Somerville ran in 1999.

HC coach Ludwik Lubaszka (in his sixth decade of coaching, the guy is a freakin’ library of XC knowledge) seemed pretty sure that Libby Morris’ 18:42 was the course record, so perhaps the course was altered between the time Morris ran and when Thomas ran.


You are correct that Lilly Thomas holds the record at 18 23. Looked it up and found it in an old article. Sorry for the miss information


To the best of my knowledge, the course has been the same until the last two years, when the narrow wooden bridge at the end of the pond was deemed unsafe. One runner’s father told me a coach who would know says that the “new” course was lengthened today, intentionally… a bit more was added as they circle the soccer fields coming in.

Given the revision of the last 8-900 meters of the course, and the variations on how it has been run since the change, I’d say it would be hard to nail down what the new CR is, unless the course as run today has been documented, and that standard is used in future races. I certainly don’t think you can consider the times run today as candidates for “fastest times on Deer Path”, as the changes from the course that Lanie and Lily ran are too great. That’s my opinion, anyway.

Unfortunately, the “new” course has been used primarily for dual/tri meets, since they moved Skylands to Pleasant Valley and now Natirar. In any event, unless they keep H/W/S here, there won’t be any highly competitive races on this course to provide future challenges.
The old course used to run maybe 25-35 seconds faster than Holmdel.


You are 100 percent right, Jim.
Talked to a lot of people today, including Matt McDonald. He explained the slight changes and no doubt the course is much slower now.

I ran the course 5 years ago and again today. The distance around the soccer fields is noticeably longer. Went by the narrow bridge that was taken out of the course. It’s wrapped in yellow caution tape now.

McDonald ran 15:51 at Holmdel two weeks ago and 15:51 today. Nuff said!


No offense to Libby Morris, know her pretty well, teammate of my Wife in HS and college, but not sure she ever ran 18:42 at Deer Path for 5k. Surprised Monal Chokshi didn’t put up a big mark there.

Deer Path is a great spot, hope it gets back into the mix a bit. That said, will keep saying, Skyland at Natirar is going to be really cool. Anybody with a chance to get out there and run the course should do so…incredibly scenic setting and impressive hill after 2 miles there. Girls race will be huge with Hillsborough, Voorhees, HC, Ridge, North, Bernards, Pingry, Bridgewater, etc. Many great individuals. Ridge boys a clear cut above, probably same can be said for McDonald.