Hugh heffner is dead







nope. it was a hoax dude…


well i saw it on facebook and wanted to be the one who made this thread.

and mother****er is like 89 years old, so it made sense to me.

my bad. ill just bump this thread when he actually kicks it.


You’re way late on this rumor, too.


Maybe his penis finally went forever limp. In Hugh’s case, that’s as good as dead.


I imagine his daily cardiovascular routine is pretty intense. I wouldn’t count on it.


im assuming this is why you called me earlier. i was at work so i couldnt really answer my phone. my apologies


I hear he lives off the blood of young blondes to sustain his life.


that’s a neck for making this thread


mostly because i had a missed call from you earlier that day.


*Hugh Hefner isn’t dead


Fixed. :cool:

Until I read the hoax part, I was going to guess that one of his “girlfriends” scored above 10 on her IQ test, and he died of surprise. Oh well.