HSers and Juniors at NYC Diamond League


would someone give me sparknotes on who’s who


Someone I spoke to suggested the Girls 4x100 could be record fast
think the Jr WRAR is 43.29 but I have not being following the event.


Watchout wrote this up on another site:
Boys Dream Mile


Great write up by Watch out


Aside from not picking Malone to be top-10, I agree with just about everything he posted. :cool:


Ohh I think Malone will run inside the top 10, he ran 4:08.16 equiv for 1500 weeks ago

I think people over estimate what certain guys will run, especially those shipping from far

Maybe I am wrong


And I AM, wrong once again


But I did not think 4:07.x would be outside the top 10


Same here.


8 PB’s in the Boys race- a HSer comes to a big stage and runs better than ever before— that’s a win in my book.
Congrats to all well done


Never ever has there been a U.S. all HS mile where 10th was 4:05.xx


Guys like Montoya and Burcham and lampron must have all closed in 57.x to 58.x for 440


Guy next to me ( NJ HS coach ) said before the race that he thought Montoya was the winner. I said," no disrespect intended, but Montoya has no chance at all "…who could have predicted that outcome? :slight_smile:


he could have obviously…


What happened with Cheserek? I mean 4:07 is no slouch time, but it’s nowhere near what he’s capable of.

Also, looks like this race quickly turned into THE race for HS milers. Must’ve been drawn there after Lukas’ sub4 last year. Unreal depth.


Maybe it had something to do with spotting the field 2 seconds and opening the first 100m in 12s.

Edit: I was being a little facetious, but seriously that opening for Ches was crazy. I think he panicked a bit.


Montoya ran a textbook perfect race. Aren’t both Montoya and Burcham juniors? Amazing talents


Maybe. It wasn’t any 2 seconds, though. 2 strides, about.


Next year’s event is on May 25…they may have trouble putting together a field like this year’s…