HS All-time Lists


Jack Shepards lists updated 13 april 2010



lots of marks from as far back as the 60s(one kinda record from59) are still good enough to be on the list, I ran against some of the guys on the list- I was a graduated senior when Larry James, a frosh or soph, spanked me over 220yds in a summer program.

Of course John W. Carlos had my number all through HS school.


Gerry Lindgren is on quite a few lists.

Nice to Al and Centro and Virgin.


Rough analysis (limited to


“17:12.2 Essex Californiatholic, Newark, New Jersey 1966”

I assume “Essex CAtholic” was the victim of some sort of auto-conversion from CA to California…kind of like the “Tyson Homosexual” incident.


finnertys mile?