HR 4133 and US aid to Israel


Soooo this came up as some right-wing dick on letsrun talking about the Illuminati or some such. . . but the bill itself is worthy of discussion. On 9 May, the House passed bill HR 4133, an act “To express the sense of Congress regarding the United States-Israel strategic relationship, to direct the President to submit to Congress reports on United States actions to enhance this relationship and to assist in the defense of Israel, and for other purposes.”

It calls for the US to deliver unspecified amounts of arms/munitions to Israel to stockpile, for the US to help Israel build an anti-missile system, expand Israel’s role in NATO, facilitate Israel’s purchase of an F-35 so as to reverse engineer it, and otherwise support Israel without condition or restraint.

I understand that I am a young man, and inexperienced in the matters of Middle Eastern relations. . . but WTF?! Do we prop up other countries like this on a regular basis? If Israel is in serious trouble from its neighbors, why is this not being mediated in the UN?

If Israel was in eminent danger of having its sovereignty threatened and the UN determined it needed to put troops there to help, I think including US troops there would be appropriate. On the other hand, I think funneling Israel arms and ammunition, (including giving them surplus stuff as Iraq draws down, which the bill specifies) building their defense infrastructure, and giving them a bunch of money is a little much.

Also, whenever I read anti-Israel rants, in the back of my head, I think “. . .is this guy expressing a legitimate concern, or a paranoid Nazi?” I think I am expressing a legitimate concern. I don’t think I’m being a paranoid Nazi.

In the “Findings” section of the bill, there’s mention of Iran and Syria stockpiling weapons. Will the government try to convince the American public to support another protracted conflict in the Middle East?

Lastly- the bill is co-sponsored by Republicans and Democrats. In fact, only two reps voted against it- Ron Paul and some guy in Michigan whose district has a large Muslim population. Here’s the link to the full text of the bill from Govtrack:


Who gives a metric sh*t-ton of money to congresspeople? Energy companies, Wall Street, ag-type concerns, etc. - you know, the usual suspects. And policy reflects their ‘generosity’. Then you have the AIPAC - who make it rain like some sort of Israeli-American rap video, firing Uzis (of course) into the air, popping the Manischewitz in da club, iced-out Star of David medallions and everything. Money from lobbying groups = policy. Incredibly depressing, but also nothing new.


I’m pro-Palestine. The US shouldn’t be goof around being another country’s ■■■■■ like it has been with Israel, it’s part of the reason we’re so hated in the middle east. Hell Israel even has nukes, why do they even need us?


Do you want them to have to use those nukes?


If they need us they wouldn’t have nukes. We should embargo Israel until they give them up.


give money to ahmadinejad so he can make a big bomb that he can use to provide nuclear energy to the people of iran. then after that israel and all those other places can just settle their differences once and for all in a big game of hacky sack.