How will this forum attract new users?


Originally posted by tb1223@Jun 17 2010, 01:43 PM
This forum seems to be off to a great start, which is awesome. However, without a legitimate track website backing us up, how will things fare for the long term? How will high school runners who aren’t “in the know” find this site? A lot of the current top posters have only been around for 4, 3, even 2 years or less…dyestat’s continued success has always depended on a steady flow of new posters. So what can we do to attract new users to this site?

-advertise/ sponsor at major meets (high school/college)…eventually

-someone needs to come up with a cool t-shirt design for tracktalk and everyone buy them.


bake sales/t-shirt sales at meets
make cashmoney while increasing awareness

we should make a list of more locally-focused running forums to advertise on


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John Dye?