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NCAA DI Championships

Aubrey Roberts, Cami Davre, and Annie Frisbie all with top 35 finishes. Would have been a nice team to have along with Monson.


I hope this next cycle remains stable with Jill Miller so that we don’t have a couple of epic standouts trade information about the Wisconsin coach before they get to college and then take the plethora of other available D1 offers on the table.


As talented as cami is I think her success is the most surprising. She was a good cross country runner in high school but not great and it would be easy to assume she would have a tough time with the longer distance. She turned out to be outstanding


The other kind of Live…




Great shot of Morgan McDonald & the other 3 guys coming down the final stretch! He sure makes it look easy - totally relaxed…







Badger women ran solid up to their ranking. Guys took a step back as 8th was a under achievement for what they were expecting. It looked similar to another nationals maybe 3 or 4 years ago(Ryan Kromer was running that year) when the pace went out slow(pace did not appear slow this year for the conditions) but many of the Badgers hung back in the middle of the pack and then when things started to explode they couldn’t respond soon enough. I thought Olin would be right near Oliver with at least two other guys within 20 seconds of them. Did they even finish 7? It looked like someone was missing at the end. Guys finish was one of the best finishes I have ever seen. What drama and what control by Morgan. He just kept his composure and powered it home. 'will miss watching him in running for the red and white but hopefully in the Olympics some day.


@westharrier awesome pictures it’s like I was there except stayed warm. Badgers finished 7 but miehe and peters did not run well. I think the rest of the badgers ran well, perhaps not great but respectable just a tough meet. maybe Olin should have finished a few places higher as he was right behind a lot of people and could have passed a few more with the Olin championship kick we got to know his senior year in high school but overall a solid season for him and he is close to breaking out. I think eidenshak maybe was the one who probably should have run a little better based on his early season success. Hoare was solid and the unheralded Michigan true freshman on our team had an outstanding season and nice meet. Excluding the 2 Australians and Olin this varsity squad was not exactly the highest recruited group of athletes. A few of them were perhaps running out of their minds a few weeks ago but To be at the next Level of team we needed one of our national elite recruits of Finn gessner or Seth hirsch to step up and neither did. It was exciting to get the national champ hopefully that leads to a good recruit coming next year