How Fast?


Make it 4 multi’s this kid had. 1 post and created yesterday…


every person that joins from hear on out is the same person as me/big guy/real talk14


How do you know? Not trying to incite anything but what makes you so confident that they are all the same person? Based on what I can see they’re all from different cities.


We aren’t completely sure but it seems kind of odd that 3 guys who all use the same kind of speech hate Garret/Brett that much. If you read all the posts together it just seems like it’s the same person. Obviously all they are doing is trolling, but it’s easier to stay unbanned when you split it up and make it seem like someone agrees with you.

The 4th one I’m guessing just because it was created several hours after someone called him on the first multi, and then it posted shortly after that.


Though I’m not 100% sure on the multi thing, the language and the lack of anything but negativity and trolling makes them seem like the same guy. If they really aren’t then these guy/guys should own up to who they really are rather than hide behind screen names and rip on people they don’t know.


I think I made a legitimate and separate point from cinnastix and thebigguy… now everyone who agrees that young kids have potential to stack the podium this year is actually one person?


The fact that you went out of your way to rip on Garrett and Brett instead of just saying that Joe McKenna had a good spring makes you seem like realtalk14’s multi.


dear tracktalk detectives,

I am going to say it one more time: cinnistix, realtalk14, THE BIG GUY and broseidon are not multis. Each one of them is posting from a different city.

Take my word for it.


How did I rip on them? They are easily the two best seniors in d2. I was simply stating facts. Garrett was first non senior in the state meet but not by enough for me to be convinced that he can beat the younger talent who will develop largely over this summer


How did I rip on them? They are easily the two best seniors in d2. I was simply stating facts. Garrett was first non senior in the state meet but not by enough for me to be convinced that he can beat the younger talent who will develop largely over this summer

McCoy was the top non senior.


Top in the 3200 in d2 state bud


Top in the 3200 in d2 state bud

Ohh gotcha man my bad.


Sorry I jumped to conclusions. I understand where you are coming from now. Sorry about that.


Alright no more accusing people of being peoples other accounts, its not going anywhere. I’d also like to just end this whole talking ourselves up thing. We’re not intentionally doing it and even if you think we are its not your concern, though i will watch what i say since some of my comments could definetely be interpreted as talking myself up. I’m sorry if anybody thought i was trying to talk myself up. I try and stay humble when it comes to running, even if it doesn’t always come through online, our sport isn’t about winning but the love of what we do. We gotta also not insult them if they think we were talking ourselves up by what we said cause it’s all unintentional anyways. So lets just drop all our bickering on both sides and get ready for the season. We’ll just talk about our sport and get ready for the cross season in a couple weeks. I know we’re all pumped for anoutehr year of running. Hope all you guys, even Realtalk, Cinnastix, and THEBIGGUY, have good falls of running and we can keep the convo civil and informative and keep on supporting wisco running now and into the future.

Thats what i got to say.


A good rule of thumb is to just not talk about how your training or your season in general is going. If you have a great season, people will know without you bragging about it.


I’ll try not to say anything about that on here. On facebook which i know somebody said somthin about i post stuff solely for my family and friends that would have no idea otherwise how and what i’m doing. They don’t follow running like you guys do. It’s not meant to brag to other runners that i ran a dinky little 5k you guys totally don’t care about. hell i don’t care much about them


come on bro don’t lie those facebook status updates are not for your family…and it really shouldn’t be that hard to “try to stay humble”…


Well it’s one thing if you bring it up in conversation, but putting all your wins up on facebook doesn’t get respect. If your family and friends want to know, they’ll ask you. By posting how good you’re doing, you just seem cocky, and nobody likes that


Who freaking cares?!?! Let the kid do whatever the heck he wants. Does it bother you that much that he is faster than you? Why does everyone have to be so nice to everyone else? So what if he is cocky? (although I don’t think he is) Maybe that’s why he can kick your butt? Man!


I think everybody just needs to chill on here. One of the things I love about this sport is that everybody respects everybody. Everybody on the cross country course had to run the same distance. Whether you come in at 15:30 or 25:30, everybody had to do it. That’s the one thing that I absolutely love. Whether you’re first or last, you can say “I finished.” It’s the same thing on here. Nobody likes to get ripped on. My coach has always said to “Let your legs do the talking.” If somebody is talking themselves up and end up having a bad start to the year, they are going to look like idiots anyway. Everybody just needs to stop ripping on each other and start to respect the fact that we are all in this sport and we should be out bad mouthing the football team instead. :wink: