How Fast?


So on 2010 XC…most people threw out their predictions for who was going to win state championships this year, who was going to make the podium, who are dark horses, and what teams are the favorites to win this year. The one thing nobody really mentioned was after a summer of everybody training, what times do you think guys are going to throw down this year? What do you think people’s PR’s are going to be? Who’s going to win with what time at the Ridges?


This is really gonna depend on conditions, The Ridges seems like it can change quite a bit depending on the weather and the ground conditions, and really isn’t an overly fast course like some. I would still expect probably 15:38-15:53 depending on conditions for D1, 15:50 to 16:05 for D2 and probably 16:00 to 16:05 for D3. Thats just my guess, it really could change though if one person had a big year and how the race goes out.


See ya tomorrow big guy.


Joe mckenna ftw in 1610, followed up by a pack of ppl like campbell and christionson of aquinas, wunnicke of dodge point, and ryan mccoy of new glarus… i’m thinking a very young podium this year for d2


hmmm. i am wondering what your thinking is for the fast times…
you must not follow wisconsin running for very long. those would be rediculous times for all three divisions, especially for a weaker year of talent we have coming up. '09 and '10 were something special.

i will say probably 15:5x for D1, 16:1x for D2, and 16:2x for D3. it all depends on the conditions that is but i got a feel that those will be pretty accurate. not 15:38, 15:50, and 16:05. hahahaha


No man im sure the d2 state record gets challenged every year :rolleyes:


I love seeing you support yourself with your 2 other accounts. Gotta have somebody to agree with your negative comments. :wink:


Good call dude def have 2 accounts you caught me im gonna back down man, sorry i didn’t include u in my predictions man dont be offended


Watch out for Brookfield Central girls this Fall. The Flatley sisters just ran the equivalent of 10:50 and 11:00 for 2 miles and they also have Hannah Trasser. With a bigger team and excellent coaches, Central could have a real exciting Fall.


thought about my predictions again and decided i better change due to recent activity at camp of champs. Im gonna take garrett patrick ftw in 1544 thats right good bye luterbach, and brett johnson taking second in 1550 (very close to taking down luterbach) then a very good size gap then joe mckenna. he is just not having the summer they are having so this is how i see it going in d2


Haha you got it dude. :wink:


What about McCoy?


not the same person at all. i think we both just know that the STATE RECORD will not go down. I think the last 2 years D2 got spoiled with 2 people going under 16 both years. that rarely ever happens…


Random Stat:

Joe McKenna-PR: 17:12, 17:18 at State

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Isn’t Joe McKenna’s PR a 17:12?


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I think he’ll be much faster than that. :rolleyes:


he showed a lot of improvement in track along with many other young talents. I believe he beat garrett patrick in a 1600 at monona grove and crushed brett johnsons pr’s in both 16 and 32. even if he doesn’t win i wouldn’t be surprised if the top finishers don’t include seniors


haha you can keep on thinking that. but i am not those other two names and have no idea who that person may be. but go ahead and think that. i’m pretty sure the birthdays are the same for anyone who doesnt change them.

i happen to find it entertaining that runninggartman talks himself up. he isnt a bad runner at all, but i looked at dyestat a lot and a lot of good runners posted on there and never talked about how good they were.

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