How fast will Rupp go?


I think Rupp is going to run 12:50 and 26:36 this year.
What do you guys think?


Very hard to do, 12:50 and under at some point, yes

26:36? that is asking something

Right now his marks point towards something really good towards the 5K side, actually? What can;t he run?


If he breaks 1249 he will have a time in the top 20 list but that 2636 would actually put him around 12th…i still cant believe Bekele’s WR at 10k 2617.

And you would have to go down to the 148th performance (Arturo Barrios’s 27:08) to get another non-african besides Rupp and Solinsky. That really put into perspective the East and North Africa dominance in our sport.


im not sure he will PR this year, with the championships and all. Now NEXT year with no championships and a full summer focused on nothing but fast times, im thinking 1245/2635.


The 3:50.X mile he just ran demonstrates great fitness and speed. I never would have thought he had that kind of mile speed (easily sub 3:50 outdoors). For that matter, how many actual US milers are faster?

If he can maintain it for this summer he may have some spectacular times ahead of him. The question is whether they’re winning times, he tends to get smoked in the last 600m or so by the Africans. Not always as his 10K AR shows, but usually.


Apparently you missed this meet in London called the ‘Olympics’. In that meet he outkicked everyone except one guy named ‘Farah’.