How fast can you run a mile RIGHT now?


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The title doesn’t pertain to your current state of fitness, but rather your current position and circumstances. From wherever you’re posting, how fast could you cover the 5280 feet?

If you decide to change clothes/shoes that’s fine, but the clock starts NOW, so you must decide how to most efficiently appropriate your time.

For example, me: I’m currently in my fourth-floor dorm room. No shoes, but athletic clothing. Assuming it takes me 25 seconds to put on and tie my shoes and 45 seconds to get down to the ground floor, I’ll be outside at about 1:10 with about 1500 meters left. I’d roughly estimate there are 400 meters of ice/snow in the fields around my dorm until I could get to the road, so add about 1:50. For the last 1100 meters I figure I could run 2:50, all things considered. That puts me around 5:50.

PS - this is in the playground because an ex-thrower who’s sitting somewhere in workout clothes on the ground floor could clearly make better time than a 4 minute miler who’s on a bus.


8:30-9:30 range.

Wearing sweatpants, t shirt, and socks. Haven’t ran or biked for over 3 months, last time doing a work-out was 3 weeks ago Xc skiing. I’m sick and my throat is partially closed up for some reason. Also it’s 11 degrees out and it’s night.

8:30 is being extremely generous.


Seeing as there is over a foot of snow outside right now (and it’s still snowing, hard.), I’d have to change, and I haven’t run a mile in a long time, 15-20 minutes.


Edit: I have jeans and socks on, 8:00.


just got out of the shower after a run, my legs are toast.

Naked wouldn’t be too bad I guess.

Probably around 630 because of leaving the door time, and stoppages for foot pain.


30 minutes

20 minutes to drive home
3 minutes to change out of my work/dress clothes and dress shoes and into running gear. 7 minutes to run the mile.

Weather is a beautiful 62 degrees.


sitting here in loose comfy pajama bottoms I could run in (actually worn them on elliptical), take me 5 seconds to put shoes on (slip on laces), 5 seconds for sweatshirt, 10-15 out the door, 6 flat once I hit the road. Pretty sick right now and I have been downing cough syrup.


probably about 5:30. for sure between 5:15 and 5:45

edit- i did this wrong the first time
probably about 6 minutes. laying in bed upstairs in running shorts. shoes are by the door, 15 seconds to get downstairs and get shoes on. i would be cold and not warmed up so i added another 15 seconds.


In sweatpants, shoes are right by the door.

Weather is perfect outside.

Except that I’m fat and can’t run. Probably about 8:00 minutes. I would beast the first 400m in 53 seconds and then walk the next 7:07.


5:20. right near the door. so getting out takes me 10 seconds and then from there it’s a little snowy out so i’d be barefoot and i would pull of my sweat pants since they are baggy so another 10 seconds. from there the final 1550m would be run in less than 5:00.


~ 3:42. All spiked up and ready to go.


Dammit, this was my original thread. Anyway, I’m out of shape, about 15 pounds over my ideal weight, on my fourth beer, unmotivated, not wearing shoes, and it’s freezing out. Probably around 7:30.


Well I’m standing right in front of a treadmill about to get on it, but I did finish swimming 5 minutes ago, so I’m pretty tired. I’ll say 5:20.


wearing jeans and a tee. 5 seconds to get the jeans off, 10 seconds to get to door and put shoes on, 20 seconds to get outside my apt. the roads and sidewalks are covered in snow and slush, so probably 5:45ish to run the mile plus the :35 it takes getting ready puts me around 6:20. oh, i have a chew in, hopefully that wouldnt make me puke, that would add some time for sure


Probably fairly quick considering I’m not too far from the door. If I took off my sweatpants, threw on my shoes, and hit the roads fairly fast the rest wouldn’t be too bad. There’s about a .5 mile stretch from my house all down hill. Then its all flat. Albeit there is snow on the ground so that would slow me a bit. I’d say around 5:20-30.


edit for reading the op

I wouldn’t finish. I am wearing dress clothes, dress shoes, and just finished a nice steak. It is also quite snowy out. I’ll take a 9:00-DNF


i just ate my wieght in pasta and i doubt i could move. i am just wearing my boxers so that would slow me down some more. i would most likely be puking by the time i found my shoes.


Yes, that is what we are talking about.


I’m in jeans and a t-shirt, no socks on my couch about 15 feet from some running shoes and the door. Could grab a hat and my coat on my way to the door.

So probably like 9:30.


I’d say <5:40.

Current state of fitness would put me sub-5, ideally. However, I just ate a salad. Other than that, I’m sitting on a couch 10 feet from the door, and my running shoes are right there. Florida weather is perfect right now. I actually don’t think my jeans would add much, but I can get those off in about 5 seconds if need be.