How do you screw up a National Meet?


By stopping the third leg of the 4xmile a lap early.


You’re too stupid to count to 4? Even though you managed to do it for the first 2 legs?
Well whatever, time to start my bragging.



Splits… including the third lol?


Pat Juras 4:22.58
Ryan Moncrieff 4:23.28
Victor Delatorre 3:15.63
Alex Brend 4:17.29


some people might argue that 3rd place is probably an inflated rank, but LZ didnt need to have the talent for 3rd as long as they had the tactics


I would say that LZ made the right choice over the 3X800 and 1X400 race.


Which leg did you run?


I didn’t, just boasting for my teammates :smiley:


Not to take anything away from LZ, as 3rd is a job well done, but those times seem a little bit slow, at least compared to what I would think would get you up on the podium at NBN. How were the conditions down there?


Zppe, although you may be proud of your team, talking like that, especially when you played no part in the race at all only makes people hate Lake Zurich and think that the whole team is just a bunch of a-holes, jerks, and losers. so unless you want everyone to think your teammates and friends are just that, i’d shape up.

Also which heat did they run in? did they run in the slow heat and get all American because the entire first heat was disqualified or did they skip a lap and just get an oops my bad medal from the officials?


Based on the times he posted they were in the fast heat and skipped a lap.


well then, who’s to say that their third leg wouldn’t have died a horrible death and handed off near last?


well then, who’s to say that you do not belong in this thread?


What planet have you been on?


I know!

By putting Swoosh in charge (or insert any ESPN RISE sellout)