House of Cards


I don’t know if this has been mentioned in a different thread, but this is truly an outstanding show. Im only 2 episodes in, but very happy that netflix decided to dump the entire season on its site at once. Kevin Spacey is truly the best in the business at being a snarky, sarcastic asshole.


I watched it all on Friday/Saturday. Epic. I am in love with Kate Mara. My friend was a production assistant on the set, if he gets the in again for season two, I told him I’d like to watch some of the filming.

Great show


Nice. I would recommend the original bbc mini series as well. Lot shorter at only about 4 hours.


I’m also 2 episodes in, and its a fantastic show. Best Political Show since The West Wing


I can’t wait to watch this. Spacey does it again. I was reading that Wired called it the future of TV.


just finished the entire season (being in the middle of the ocean put a delay on things), and holy hell this is outstanding. I knew going in that spacey would be a conniving SOB, but even i was blown away by some of the sh!t he pulled. The writing is outstanding, definitely influenced by (and rivaling) the sorkin-era west wing. Spacey has to be considered one of the front runners for emmy/golden globe nominations. In fact, if i were netflix, i would release the next season (assuming it is ready), a few weeks before the awards show nomination season begins.

My favorite character has to be stamper, very curious to see how they develop him in the next season.


Stamper was a boss throughout the season. Getting things done.


I’m a sucker for David Fincher and really well written television so I watched the first episode last night. Katie Mara really impressed me and was really pretty as well. I definitely enjoyed the writing quality. Wrote down “as tough as a two-dollar stake” down in my good descriptions book. Looking forward to getting a chance to watch the rest.


Hmm, I felt that the writing, at times, didn’t meet the level of acting of the leads.
Spacey often would have incredible delivery of some piss-poor dialog.

I give it a “enjoyed and will watch again” review. Lots of room for improvement- the overall story line was great, but at times in the later episodes it just dragged along.


2nd Season hasn’t even started shooting yet. I’m eagerly awaiting the 2nd season. About to start watching the British Original version on Netflix as well.


the original 4 parter is great, i have yet to watch the 2 sequels that came after.


Please grant that my impressions in this post were based entirely on the pilot episode. Four episodes in, I do feel slightly differently.


Finally got around to watching Season 1. Great show, almost as good as Orange Is The New Black. I enjoyed seeing some more of Kate Mara after the first season of American Horror Story.

My only confusion is this: why did Frank fight so hard to get the watershed bill to pass if he really only wanted to use Peter to get the VP spot? Did he secretly tell Claire to throw those two votes? Peter would never have needed to be at the Hotel and get seduced had the bill passed… That whole part is a little confusing to me.


Just finished episode one: HOLY SH*T!!!

You’re in for a good one, hopefully the season stays this strong.


Watched the first 5 last night. I liked how the whole hacking subplot was full of Anonymous/LulzSec references. Amusing.


The clip of the cuff links at the end was pretty ****ing cheesy.


Haha yeah it was, but I still laughed.


For those of you thinking things somewhat calmed down after the first episode, don’t worry it starts picking back up in episode 9 and then sh*t really starts hitting the fan. You’ve got a lot to look forward to.


Having seen the BBC version I should not have been surprised by episode one but I thought that was at least getting saved until episode 9/10.

Fun fact: the actors who play Secretary of state and the president (who is easily the crappieat character so far) are married in real life.


The finale is one of the most emotionally satisfying finales I can remember; you will be left with chills. Spectacular season.

I would actually recommend against binge-watching it like I have, I think it would be much better savored over a few weeks than in a weekend. I’m sure I have missed a lot that way.