The wife and I are buying a house. As of now, closing date is set for April 24th. Never owned a house before. Can the wisdom that fills this section drop some wisdom on me about home ownership? Things I need to know?

3 bedroom 2 bath. Paid almost all of what the asker wanted ($1,000 less) but it was a divorcing couple who had owned the house 9 months and were probably looking to get as much cash as possible. Since they weren’t willing to budge too much on the cost, I got them to throw in the stainless steel fridge, brand new (less than a year old) washer and drier (did I mention its an Energy Star home), as well as some exercise equipment (Bike and weight machine) as well as their King sleigh bed and matching dresser.

Just had inspection done today, nothing major wrong with it (house built in 06). What are some of the things you’ve found through your home ownership that I need to make sure I watch?

Thank you in advance!


Enjoy your new home!!!