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#28 is Dave Malley of Appleton East, probably in 1973. I was at Drake in 1981 when Mares won - great finish!


Yes Bill Greitan pretty much was Racine distance running in those days. The 1970 St. Catherine’s cross-country team which was undefeated including a victory over Milwaukee Marshall the class A state champion for the public schools on their home course. That team was made up of all Bill Greitan coached runners except for me. But rumor has it. He used to send the workouts to our coach Chuck Wood on the side. Including the punishing 20 quarters with one minute rest. He also had a legendary summer program in the form of a booklet… You felt like if you didn’t do it. He was going to come and make you run another 20 quarters. My sophomore season 1969 I ran the first two meets JV and won them both. He advised coach Wood to put me on varsity and the rest is history. St. Catherine’s and Case had several dual meets at Johnson Park in cross-country… It always gave us great pleasure to beat Case. It was really the only way you could stick it to him because he was the one sticking it to you with his deadly workouts and intensity…


Can we get a hint for 15?



  • Racine Park junior
  • Brookfield Central basketball player


1965 State Mile. Gary Thornton of Racine Park and Dave Karth of Brookfield Central finishing second and third, well back of Bob Gordon.

This one was driving me nuts, since it’s obviously Monona Grove in the 1960’s. I never considered that neither of these guys won the race.


Great job identifying the photo! The late 1940s to mid 1960s are something of a blur historically speaking.


We will leave these at large for another day and then I’ll give away the answers.


There is a lot more to say and post about these two athletes but here are a few great pieces of media people may have not seen before:

The following is a 1969 Milwaukee Journal article that features Liebenberg and mentions Mike Manley as a key influence.

Mike Manley 2012 Eugene News Station feature:


Jeromee Liebenberg 1971 Sports Illustrated feature:

Here are the 1971 3000 Steeplechase end-of-the-season national standings:

Here is Mike Manley in the 1972 Olympic Trials:



Manley of Milwaukee Washington was the 1960 indoor and outdoor City Conference Champion in the Mile and likewise Liebenberg of Milwaukee Marshall was the 1967 City Outdoor Mile champion.

Liebenberg was also the 1965 Class A State Champion in cross country.


Zen what about #23. Is my guess of Ron Kurtz West Allis Central right? The little guy next to the coach looks like it could be Bob Rymer but I think Bob ran for a small school.


The photo in CHALLENGE #23 is packed in with CHALLENGE #21 and CHALLENGE #22 because it fits a La Crosse theme. The boy in the back row, second from the right in CHALLENGE #23 is Carl Surom of La Crosse Central

Here are photos of La Crosse’s big three from the mid-to-late 1960s:

In 1966 there would have been future state mile champion Mike Kiesling battling with junior crosstown rivals Mike Kane of La Crosse Aquinas and Carl Surom of La Crosse Central.

Surom was a solid middle-distance runner who pushed Logan’s Mike Kiesling throughout the majority of the 1966 regular season and was able to beat Aquinas’ Mike Kane while the two were juniors. He is largely responsible for heightening the local competition for future state champs Kiesling and Kane. Surom took second at the 1967 West Relays to junior Mike McClendon of Racine Horlick. The end of his senior season was anticlimactic in a sense because he was capable of a 4:20 mile. Kane recorded a 4:21.6 to top Kiesling’s All-Time La Crosse City Record of 4:21.7 in the spring of 1967 and also raced to an astounding 9:32.0 2-mile at the State Catholic Championships.




Class of 1967
  • 1967 Catholic 2-Mile Champ
  • 1966 Catholic XC Champ
  • 1965 Catholic XC 4th place
  • 4:21.6
  • 9:32.0
  • 10:40 (2.2mi XC)


Class of 1966
  • 1966 Class A State Mile Champ
  • 1965 Class B State XC Champ
  • 4:21.7
  • 10:40.7 (2.2mi XC)


Class of 1967
  • 1966 Class A State XC Runner-up
  • 1966 Class A Mile 4th place
  • 4:24.6
  • 10:46 (2.2mi XC)



The runner on the right is pictured in CHALLENGE #24. The runners pictured later married and they had a very fast child. As an extension to the challenge, name the above two runners and their fast child.


This should be fun! Below are 11 new challenges. If on Desktop, you may click on the first image and tour the gallery easily using Left and Right arrows on your keyboard. Sometimes the titles of these images will include bonuses and/or hints.

Happy hunting!

CHALLENGE #29: SOLVED: Doug Milkowski





CHALLENGE #34: SOLVED: Kurt Kenas and Andy Esten




CHALLENGE #38: SOLVED: Sean McCusker and Pat Balistreri




Challenge 38 is mccusker from cudahy against ballistreri from nicolet in the 1600 at state


33 is Huffman from Menomonee against Brett Burt Appleton I believe


I don’t remember Doug milkowski looking like 29 but I assume that is him, I knew him outside of running so maybe that’s why I’m off


:white_check_mark: Both runners right!

:white_check_mark: One runner right, :x: one runner wrong

:white_check_mark: Right


Challenge 32 is the great Ed holzem wausa west. State champ in cross I believe 1988, actually probably zubrod beat him in 1988 but I think he got some title in track before graduating


Challenge 30 Jeff Brault


:white_check_mark: Right

:x: Wrong


#34 is Kurt Kenas of Viroqua (and formerly Waunakee). The Logan runner might be Andy Esten but it’s pretty hard to tell. For the record, I had the misfortune of racing both of them in college LoL.


Challenge 40 is that Hopkins from case? Whenever I see two rivers guessing taddy seems like a good guess