Historical Photo Challenge


This challenge is unique in that we are aiming for a runner in back row, second from the left and next to the coach. The coach’s sweatshirt provides a solid clue.

Name the team and the runner!


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#22 Mike Keisling


A lazy guess on #20 is Greg Gard. I’m getting my butt kicked.


Good guess. I thought the letter on the jacket was a C, but it could very well be a G. The jersey with the A and the Lightning is tough as well. My first guess would be Appleton North, since they are in fact, the Lightning, but I know that school did not open until the 1990s. It could be Aquinas?


Hint: Parts of your post “could be” right, other parts “could be” wrong… :rofl:


Here’s a hint for Challenge# 20:

In 1968, The Journal Times miscaptioned this state champion as Mike McClendon. Where is @clerose when we need him? Ive said too much


You did :joy:. Mike Lawless.



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COMBINED CHALLENGE: Name the runners along with their WI high schools and respective classes



  1. Shorter and prefontaine



Name the non-Southern Illinois runner in the photo finishes above as well as his ties to WI…

Strong Hint: Drake Relays



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It is not Frank Shorter in the lead but you have properly identified the runner in second, Steve Prefontaine.


Is that marti liquori in 25


#26 Western Michigan steeplechaser is probably Jerome Liebenberg, of Milwaukee Marshall.



The above is correct. It was by intention that CHALLENGE #25 was coupled with CHALLENGE #26.

Click on the images in this thread to sometimes gain more hints. If it is not clickable hover your mouse over them to show a title – if there is one – which can also be the same hint.

Challenges at-large in this thread:


#27 Chris Mares of Drake (formerly Appleton Xavier/WISAA-B) winning the 1981 Drake Relays 1500m in 3:44.71


#23 the runner looks like Ron Kurtz former HOF coach of West Allis Hale. The team I would guess might be West Allis Central but not sure on that one.


Challenge #25 Mike Manley who ran for the Badgers in the 60’s. Pre of course right behind him.


# 20 is The Great Mike Lawless 4:13 Miler which is still the St.Cats record he will have held it for 50 years after this track season as he set it in 1969! Went on to run with Gary Bjorklund at Minnesota. Bjorklund barely lost to Pre for NCAA CC title in 69 or 70!