Historical Photo Challenge


Looks like the 400M finish. Mark was about a 47+ guy. Moved up to the 800M and set a world record in the 1000 yard run. Ran with him on the Kegonsa Track Club in 67. Saw him run his first competitive 880 in about 1:54 and I think he finally ran 1;45 ish before he was done.


Name both runners…



I think one might be Max Hupp…


Great guess but Max Hupp is not in the photo.


My first reaction when seeing that Winzenried photo was surprise at how close the Beloit guy is. My guess is Monona Grove Invitational 440 in 1966. Beloit’s Steve Bittorf finished second in the Class A 440 at State that year in 50.3.


Photo is from the 1967 Monona Grove Invite 440 as you guessed it. The Winz already moved up to being primarily an 880 runner by this time but dropped down for this particular meet.


Guess I should have checked the 1967 State results. Bittorf won Class A in 49.5. :smirk:


Chris Thompson Edgewood on the right? Looks like both guys are on the same team. Can’t read the jersey to get hint of the team. Looks like it could be two Case guys from the early 70’s too. All right so I don’t really know and am throwing wild guesses out there.


I agree - looks like two Case runners… Maybe Dennis O’Brien?


Dennis O’Brien is the one in the front. Let’s try to get the second runner and then we can move on!


What’s the year


Early 70’s


Both guys in the photo are Racine Case Class of 1974.

Opening meet of the 1974 season Case’s Dennis O’Brien – who was the 1973 Class A State Champion in Cross Country – beat South Division junior Tony Rodiez 9:25-9:34 at Case’s 10-lap indoor facility.

The second guy in the photo for Case is an evidence of the Eagles being one of the earlier team powers of the modern era 1967 to the present. Though his converted 800-best was unknown I am guessing he ran about 1:58y, definitely ran 4:22.4y in the 1600 as that was his main event and would have likely been 9:35y in the 3200. Class of 1975’s Max Hupp who was previously mentioned was the state cross country runner-up in 1973 and finished out his career at 2:00y, 4:20y and 9:38.5y.

Interestingly until 1974 teams were not allowed to register multiple distance runners in events.


Gary Priem or Greg Julich? Otherwise, I give up!!


Priem it is! Greg Julich was class of 1975. If we dig deeper we’ll realize there are a lot of 4:20/9:30 types in case history.




Chuck Le Rose and Ron Fink (?)




That St. Catherine’s Jersey is pretty pimp.


While CHALLENGE #15 is still at large we should keep this going.