Historical Photo Challenge


Trivia + History = FUN

  • Identify the person(s) in the photo
  • Add something interesting whether it be obvious or something relatively unknown
  • Will keep this rolling throughout the track season



Stu Voight. Chilton. Played for the Minnesota Vikings. When playing for Chilton they went undefeated one year and did not give up a single point the entire year. If I am wrong, oh well you guys learned something.


Stu Voigt yes but Madison West not Chilton- See the Regent on his chest. About 65 feet in the shot and around 180 in the discus- could run 22+ in the 220Y and played fullback I believe and struck terror into anyone trying to tackle a 215 pound guy who could run that fast. Badgers yes-Vikings yes tight end.


I was thinking of Dave Casper, who played for the Oakland Raiders, at Chilton. Another great tight end and the guy who was the main character in the “Holy Roller” play. I did know it was Stu Voight. Mixed up the schools. Good call.



Steve Lacy- McFarland- gun lap at MG Invite where he ran 4:07 mile I think.


I’ll continue to post whenever I read a correct answer. The above is correct. I like that particular photo because it truly captures the gun lap!



Not as sure about this one but Rudy Alverez Horlick vs one of the Stinzis from Menomonee Falls. Could be the Shell- most definitely indoor perhaps TFA of old.


This was the first 2-Mile at the state championships in 1970. McGhee of Memorial was out of the picture by this point.

June 5th, 1970 Two Mile Results:



Was #3 at MG back then? Number 4 has me stumped but I recognize the guys face in second but just can’t place his name.


Looking at photo challenge #3, it’s hard to believe that Rudy Alvarez did not win that race… Stintzi must’ve been charging hard at the end.


If 74 state was at Monona Grove then definitely at the venue. I cant recall if that photo is state or Monona Grove but the picture gives us some hints. Chase pack is back about 75 yards. At state Lacy “only” went 4:15 (full mile) after his “Big Night” as the pundits called it where he went 8:56 for the full 2 mile. You can tell from the photo that not only was Lacy the tall lanky type strong enough to run fast but he had the rockstar tenacity to match.


I completely agree with you and think others do too. Not to date @Biff but I believe he mentioned this was his favorite race as a kid because it was a thrilling finish and maybe something that inspired him to run. Whereas Stintzi had the times supporting his eventual 9:15 and a better mark the following week Alvarez was maybe 4:18-4:19 with a 9:30 PR in the two mile coming in. He grinded that one out going above and beyond what was expected of him.

Per my individual research – which seems to never complete – the fastest two mile prior to it becoming a state meet sanctioned event:

  • official 9:25.0 Glenn Herold 1969
  • unofficial 9:14-9:16 Bob Gordon’s 2 mile split en route to his 10:14 (not exact) 2.2 mile cross country state win at the Hartford Country Club in 1964.

On that note, although time on the calendar during the season would not permit it nor would the layout of the sites be necessarily intact, for the sake of history itd be interesting to get the elite group of runners around the state to run old state meet sites (Hartford, Nagawaukee, Legion, Christmas Mountain, Parkside) to see what value those marks would still hold.


Though Challenge #04 is still at large we must continue…



That’s Gahagen VS Beaumier in 71! 4:10 at Carthage College Wisaa State!


That’s Alvarez Vs Steve Stinzi at Madison1970! I was a soph that year and won the Wisaa 2 mile in 9:41. It was a great race the hurdles were already set up in lane 3 I thought a fight was gonna break out. Was a great race!


Back in the Monona Grove years the barrier between the track and the dirt/gravel walkway in front of the stands was a single waist-high clothes line-type rope supported by stakes pounded into the ground about five yards or so apart. The rope was about a yard from the track and for the 1970 2-Mile I sat on the grass directly underneath it at the finish line. Immediately after the race (no more than 10 seconds) Stintzi came over to the rope within a couple of yards of me and bent over with his back towards me. He was either throwing up or just coughing loudly (I didn’t have the angle to actually see puke, but it sounded like throwing up to me). His father was leaning over him with his hands on his back saying “It’s OK, it’s OK. You’re State champ”.

It looked to me like Stintzi had a slight lead the whole stretch run and won it by inches. But admittedly, I didn’t have an unobstructed view of the exact finish. He definitely had an inches lead within a yard or two of it.

1970 was the second year of the two-day State Meet and that inaugural 2-Mile was the first event on Friday.


That is Joe Kapheim at Appleton East


Well done – Joe Kapheim with a baton emphasizing teamwork. Next one should be fun…