His name is Mudd


In-depth feature on Wisconsin bound rising star Austin Mudd


Very good story!


“Next Jim Ryun?”

You’ve got to be kidding me.


My name is Jake.



I always thought it came from “Oh Say Can You See”


This kid has all the tools, not many have had all this at same time, some have, but not many.

4:01.x mile 47.4 relay and 1:48.09 scratch

Most 4:00.x-4:03.x guys lately have been two mile types, I cannot think of any, save Webb who ran 4:01.x or better and 1:48.0x scratch, not lately anyway

Someone can help on this, Mac Fleet had I believe 48.x relay speed in HS and ran 1:50.xx and 4:0 low

he is faster than Andrews at every distance in HS, and looks like a perfect 1500 phenom, as he might be able to get in from 800 out quickly soon from about 1:58 going out and run 3:41.xx or better in a set up at 1500


Just looking at his PB’s I think the 1500/mile is where he’s at his best. He still looks so comfortable in the 8 though against tough fields. But a 47.4 is filthy…he could go 8 or mile and probably beat every high schooler.


Albeit he cannot beat one. LV


My name is Judge.+rep to first identifier of the reference


im curious to see how fast he can go at the pan am meet later this month in the 1500. Hopefully somebody there takes it out fast and he gets a chance to go low 340s.


I’ve seen this kid run 4 x… more impressive each time I’ve seen him… appears to have the perfect blend of speed, racing savvy, etc… at Adidas, as many of you know, he had the strongest last 80m that many of us has ever seen in a high quality race… to expect him to run 3:42 on July 10 after a long HS year may be a bit much, but I would not bet against it… he’s the real deal.
off to Brussels and Lille in a few hours. :slight_smile:


Arrested Development?


Arrested Development?