High School NBIN Thread


I believe it begins on friday. Lets get the conversation going.


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Ryen Frazier runs 4:40 and wins by 4 seconds. Grant Fischer runs 4:03 and wins by 4 seconds. Both races will have a few runners trying to hang on for 6 laps but these two will run away with it.

2 mile is wide open for boys and girls. I think both come down to the final 100 meters.


I find it sort of doubtful that Fisher would run that fast in a championship race. He’s been more than happy to let others lead in these kind of races in the past.


Not too far off as far as predictions go. Fisher would have run even faster than that if not for the trip in the final 100m. He looked today like he will definitely challenge the 4:00 barrier. 4:03 with a trip completely solo from the start. Tough to say obviously, but I don’t think it’s ridiculous to say his run today was worth 4:01 or so. Very impressive even with the trip.


People are talking about it on letsrun and are going both ways, but should he have been DQ’d for going inside the track on the last turn off the stumble?

I think he would have been DQ’d if anyone protested or others were close but they decided to let it go even if he did cut part of the track when he stumbled inside the rail since he would have easily won.


A bunch of people are putting forth this ‘if somebody protested it would’ve been a DQ’ idea about the situation.
Well who exactly is supposed to be the opportunistic jerk that files a protest from 40 meters behind so they can say “Hey…I’m the National Champion!! YAY ME!!” to a track & field community who knows exactly how it went down???
You can’t put the onus of filing a protest on James Burke in this situation. Of course he’s not going to protest it. I can’t imagine any kid that would want to take a win that way.
That call should’ve been made by officials right after the race. And with no disrespect to Grant Fisher whatsoever, I personally think it should’ve been a DQ.

That being said…I can live with the ‘no DQ’. There’s no question in anyones mind that Fisher was winning that race no matter what.
However, I believe the meet record should go in the books with an ‘*’ next to it stating what happened.

Lastly…and I don’t think anyone’s touched on this, and it’s really the most important thing…I am extremely glad Grant Fisher came through that ok. He couldn’t have picked a worse spot on this track for that to have happened if he planned it. That could’ve ended really, really badly for this super-talented kid.
The Speed Gods were with him. :slight_smile:


Fisher went through 1500m in 3:46.41 (according to FAT splits) so assuming he was closing pretty hard, he was on his way to a 4:01 mid


Somebody on Let’s Run “mathed it out”, which is taking this a little too seriously if you ask me, but since it’s there…

They said his 2nd to last 100m was 13.6 and presuming that he could’ve maintained that or better without the stumble he’d have been around 4:01.
I only saw the video, but he hit 4:03 going a heck of a lot slower after the rail than before it, so this seems about right to me.

If you go to LR to see this, someone else posted a link to an article on the same thread indicating that there may, in fact, have been a protest that was rejected.


I’m confused, isn’t the rule three consecutive steps off the track and you are DQed? so there isn’t really room for debate on whether he should have been disqualified. Especially considering the 400 final.


Remember this is NB Nationals, not a state meet or a USATF National meet. They probably state they will abide by the same rules but I am sure they have ultimate discretion. There are no team scores so DQs only impact the immediate event athletes. I guess had he run the best ever indoor time, they would have had a problem though.


I find this interesting. Could it become the case that even though he keeps the win, his time doesn’t end up appearing in any sort of record books?


Our meet is sanctioned by USATF and conducted under those rules. They are different from NFHS rules in many areas. I am told that one such area is the “running on the line” infraction where USATF rules give the officials more latitude. I have not looked at that USATF rule so I am going on what officials have told me not what I know. I am an NFHS certified high school official and don’t know the details of USATF rules as well as I do NFHS regs.

In both cases in Sunday the calls were made by the officials not by meet management.