High School coach gets fired because runners ran shirtless


Anyone here from westwood high?


No but I’d just like to say that something similar happened on my xc team except the coach didn’t get fired, however he still got chewed out by the athletic director for allowing girls to train in sports bra’s and the guys shirtless. I voiced my opinion against it and got yelled at by my coach… If your allowed to swim and run on streets shirtless(for a guy) then why can’t you train without a shirt??? The ex-coach should sue and have that idiot of an athletic director fired.


Seriously? Wow, that’s pathetic. In high school our team ran shirtless nearly every single day, I think I ran without a shirt more often that with one during xc and spring track. Ran by our AD several times and he just gave a polite wave as we passed by. It’s hard to believe someone could get fired over something so silly like that.


In case you haven’t seen, there’s a thread in the playground about this and there’s also one in the New England thread, which involves kids who know the coach. Just saying.

I still think him getting fired was ridiculous.


Yesterday I was doing a tempo run shirtless; I left it behind a bench in the trails and someone stole it. I had to walk back through the school shirtless and no one said anything…


I feel bad for this team, not having a coach as got to suck. I wish tem the best of luck.