High jump


Jay jay rankin is the states high jump leader he is a junior but this is his first year out for track. In his very first track he opened up with a 6 foot 7 clearance. Not a bad first meet. The newbie also has already long jumped 21 feet. Case also has a 6 foot 4 inch jumper and a nice team overall across many events. Flashback to the past. Although jay jay is an interesting prospect the best high jumper in the state is likely Collin Schulz from lakeside Lutheran who has gone 6 foot 6 inches indoors and last year as a freshman he jumped 6 feet 9 inches early in outdoors at the time I believe making him one of the top freshman in the country if not the top. Although there are a ton of jumpers between 6 feet 4 and jay jays 6 foot 7 inches the one that stands out to me is jj henner who as a sophomore is likely to break 2 flat in the 800 in the same season as he high jumps 6 foot 6 inches making him a unique athlete


While it is rare for a distance runner to be a good high jumper, it is not necessarily unheard of. A peer of mine from the 1990s, Chad Johnson of Thorp high school took 4th at state (D3) in the high jump on the same day that he took 2nd place in the 1600. The following day he won the 3200. However I’m pretty sure that’s the last time he ever high jumped as he concentrated on distance in college and later had success running for Hanson’s Running Club. Another one of my favorites is Robert Minehan from Milwaukee Riverside, who in between winning state high jump titles in 1925 and 1926, managed to snag an 8th place finish in the state cross country meet in 1925. I think what makes Henner a truly unique prospect is that his ceiling seems to be a lot higher than any other distance/HJ combo athlete before him. It will certainly be fun to watch his career.