Hey spifficus


if you’re new to this site, howd you hear about it??

no one new posts on this site. it’s all old dyestat users. you’re a multi.

seacrast out.




best movie ever 06-27-2011 02:56 AM spifficus I dont really care about the movie posts, this is just the quickest way to respond back to your very rude neg-rep. I was being trolled upon thank you very much, I don’t need more people trying to bring me down on this site simply because Im new

…u mad?


This thread makes me want a cigarette.


I’ll join you.


I’m totally having a glass of milk after it. Which will be amazing because that means I’m going to sleep.


I’m taking credit for getting spifficus banned the first time.


attn: spifficus


Hahaha I’m sorry I’m responding to this so late. I loved seeing this thread though, I chuckled. Don’t worry, I’m not a multi. And chubs, its okay. I forgive you. I know you were only targeting Timmy Turner and I don’t hold any grudge against you, I can respect your motives :slight_smile:

I’m sorry for rebelling against/harassing you in Colorado :frowning:


Then again, maybe mayHAM’s claim that I’m a chubs wannabe holds more truth than it seems… that last response was spoken like a true chubs multi… and now I’m mind-raping all of you. Okay, well maybe it’s not as strong as mind-rape, but it’s definitely something sexually unpleasant that I’m doing to your brains right now.




How rude.
I was told I should give it a try one day during a run by chubs, wacka flocka flame, some other guys, and my coach since I was always on my team’s forum. So I did and I have enjoyed it greatly. Getting banned the first day wasn’t very enjoyable, but I like it overall.


Welcome to the Ban(ne)d club.

And you are dunzo chubs, I know who WFF is. Its only a matter of minutes


I thought everyone knew who chubs was.

BTW how was your sunday morning?


i do now

It was enjoyable seeing the aftermath of my first ISU party. Feel bad for that kid who pissed himself.


Yeah, **** that. My couch smells like piss.


Haha thank you! I’m honored, truly.


I know who you are.


Ohhh great, this should be interesting…


I’m really not spifficus. You can check my IP address or whatever. In fact I’m insulted that you would compare us at all.