Hey skurey


stop please
thank you



sits back and waits for explanation


you lagging again?


I really agree with this thread.


I came on here to start this thread. Thankyou.


Guys it has literally been 2 hours, keep your tears to yourself.


guys, what’s happening


The more you post the more I hate your posting.


I mean yeah this thread was probably warranted when all that was going on, but gotta work on the timing.


lol :smiley:

sorry, just woke up so I just saw the threads


Well I was not logged in to dyestat, saw the all the crappy threads, got slightly annoyed, posted in the thread.


It was to prove a point




All types of those threads are worthless spam.


so what did mikelly do?


You owe your “legacy” to one of those types of threads. Not trying to be mean or anything but I never saw you post outside of them on the old stat.


If you don’t like them then don’t post/read/whine about them. You don’t gotta go on a rampage.


missing it bro?


i got no gripe with skurey. just gripes with a flood of threads.


me too, which is why I was polite