Hey, remember that time


the site was down?


that time today? or that other time?


I remember all the times


U mean da first of vry month?


how many moons ago? but yes im still in denial that it even happened, i have recurring nightmares in the wee hours of every single tuesday without fail in which i continue to enter my login info onto tracktalk and it says that my login info is incorrect and that i can recover my password via email only i cant remember the email i used to set up this account, and then this situation just continues to repeat itself over and over again. then i wake up soaked from sweat and so i go to the computer and try to login to it but when i enter in my login information for that and press enter then that freaky youtube lady that screams during the cutest videos comes up out of nowhere and just lets loose. only thing is that i dont even have speakers. and then i actually do wake up and realize that when i woke up before i was just dreaming that i woke up.