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According to the E-board minutes from this month…

This year is the 40th anniversary of the clinic. We have potential for an entirely Olympic staff with potential speakers/clinicians such as Gail Devers. We are in touch with Bill Cosby’s staff to try to attain him as our keynote speaker. If he agrees, there will be some changes as to how the clinic will run, but it would be a huge draw.

I’m one of the biggest Cos fans there is, and I would be unbelievably excited for this. The clinic would sell out in an hour if he came. His message is one that I would love my athletes to hear as well, maybe I could tape it. Although, my fear is that one of them would ask “who is Bill Cosby”? That would just make me sad.

Oh, and Gail Devers is cool too.


If Cliff “Combustible” Huxtable is there count me in.


No word on Tailwind Turner’s availability for this year’s clinic.


i will be rocking my best CosSweater!


You’d be cosplaying Cosby.


Let’s make this happen. Tweet Bill Cosby and encourage him to do this…



The Card Game

In that episode-Dr Foster - Roscoe Lee Browne -Track Great BITD:D