Hey guys




Greetings from the desolate peaks of the Amthyian Mountains, draped in pure undisturbed snow, shielded from the transgressions of corrupted civilization which is blinded with an arrogance that is twisted into imagined modern progress. I have made a pilgrimage to these spires for reasons beneficial in intent: The Old Ones will deliver to me prophecies is the purest, most undisturbed glory imaginable, when I return from these trials, be prepared for enlightenment unmatched by anything these lands have seen with a hooded gaze.


per…and it was delicious! :wink:


oh ya know, just know, just wondering why the TT has been so boring recently


Boring? I must not be revealing as many mystic tales as the population wishes…Very well, tomorrow will be a new cycle full of enlightenment at the request of xnr7!