Henderson Invitational


5/3/2013 Women’s 1500 Meters (Elite) Results

PL Athlete Team Final
1 Schappert, Nicole NYAC 4:15.98
2 Higginson, Ashley Saucony-NJNYTC 4:17.56
3 Tauro, Danielle NJNYTC 4:17.97

4 McShine, Pillar Trinidad 4:21.46
5 Rose, Kelsey Jenkintown RC 4:29.38
Grace, Kate Oiselle-NJNYTC DNF

5/3/2013 Men’s 800 Meters (Elite) Results

PL Athlete Team Final
1 Rutt, Michael NJNYTC 1:47.51
2 Andrews, Robby adidas 1:48.35
3 Boylan-Pett, Liam NJNYTC 1:48.74
4 Gagnon, Brian NJNYTC 1:48.84
5 Gonzalez, Christian NJNYTC 1:50.07
6 Scheetz, Ben NJNYTC 1:50.32
7 James, Jamal HIS 1:50.62
8 Metekanga, Julius CPTC 1:50.66
9 Reid, Nick NJNYTC 1:51.63
10 Walsh, Aiden NYAC 1:55.42
White, Sadiki Unattached DNF


Aiden Walsh has to be getting close to 40 … that’s impressive


Not a great race from Andrews. Would have thought him a full second quicker, and the winner. Hopefully, he will heat up with the weather.

Good stuff from Higginson. Real good career thus far.


Not only that Scotty, he went right back to age old tactics, had to try and clear at least 5 guys and he was not out that fast, I agree with you and this cannot be what they are looking for, no matter how he trivializes it in post race interviews, this is stuff he could have easily run early freshman year

Mike Rutt has dominated him twice in a row?