Help with flashing a smartphone to metro pcs?


Any help from any tech specialists/modders out there, I need my blackberry bold 9650 flashed fully to metro pcs so that features like apps, email, internet, and mms still work. Registering the phone with metro pcs isn’t my problem since my brother owns a metro pcs store, its just the whole software flashing/rooting that i need help with. Even if you know someone who does this stuff let me know, and please share any tips, ideas, or info with me, it would be much appreciated!


bump, does anyone know anything about flashing a blackberry?


Final bump!!! Please help :confused:


you gotta give it epo


One would think your brother knows a guy who knows guy.



I already tried that


Unfortunately and disappointingly thats not the case, he’s more of an entrepreneur than an expert and so are the majority of people he does business with…