Help make a TTer eat his own poop


Well, a few weeks ago our fellow TTer made this post:

He was referring to the AAA Girls State race that happened this morning. Well, if to take a look at exhibit A: State Series Information & Results

You will notice that this Kaylee Flanagan character did not win the race.

Join me Playground TTers, and we must figure out a way to make lugenheimer eat his own poop. I don’t know how we are going to do this, but we must band together and make this happen, for the sake of an epic event in TT history.


How about we all poop in a bag and send it to him?


If there isn’t video, it never happened.


Sending him poop and all is funny, but we have to make him eat it. And I agree, video must happen.

  1. 266 Roselle (Lake Park) (1:30:12, 18:02.24, 2:04) 1 36 55 75 99 (119) (170) Flanagan, Montalbano, Garippo, Murphy, Garippo, Alfano, Duggan

ya she did…

x_x x_x :cool: :cool:



Anyone else notice at the top it says “November 7, 2009”?


He’s no longer a TT member. See exhibit B.


He repped me on this post today at like 5:30. Proof that he still comes here.


I live ~5 minutes away from Lugenheimer. I can make this happen.


Conflicted if I want to go or not since we live so close.


wow, Illinois has some pretty fast high school girls…


What do you expect from the females in the state I live in?



They’re not being distracted by sex?


Although these girls are pretty fast, for some context, you should note it is ~3 miles (a pinch short on college measurement system) instead of 5k and the course is very very flat.


No it’s natural selection. They have to be fast to escape Funnage on his homicidal killing sprees.


You might as well go. Its not like you have anything else to do with your life. And its not everyday you get to see a man eat his own ****.


while IL is fast, those times are not a 5k.


Clearly you’ve never worked at a hospital before.