Help finding old thread on the Stat?


can anyone find the link to the Milesofsmiles15 thread about the end of highschool and how he wasn’t sure what he was gonna do and whatnot? Would be much appreciated.


This one?


Yes! thanks a ton. needed inspiration for my final shot at a decent college essay. the first bunch were total garbage, and now i have about 30 hours to get one done.


Man im going to have to start thinking about running in college too because all the schools I applied to are d1.

Edit: tt will never be as good as the stat :frowning:


will be applying tonight and tomorrow… only 1 d1, rest are d3s. will be running wherever i go, but im certainly going to miss being “the” runner.


Yeah its a sad thing, now im going to be doing a lot of thinking about this, I might end up joining a triathlon club. I love tris but I don’t like that it takes away from my running.


what places are you applying? walk-on standards?


Don’t give up running, once you stop it’s all over from there.


Thats not true. I took over a year off after I graduated high school and went to college and now I’m back at it training for a half marathon. That time off was amazing it’s exactly what my body needed.


MSU, Western Michigan, University Illinois at Chicago, Oregon

i have quick responses because im bored out of my mind


See! A half marathon! It’s all over.


Haha how is it all over? I don’t plan on running a full marathon afterwards. I’m running this half for personal reasons and also to get back into shape. If I’m in great shape for the half I can maybe walk on at my school if I want to give it a shot.


Well unless you go to Oregon, you could probably at least take a shot at those other ones. Then again, i don’t have the slightest clue what kind of runner you are haha.


Yeah im probably not going to end up at Oregon we go there a lot but its far. MSU would be kinda tough for me I think, and there other two schools only have track.


ouff, that’s tough. I know a lot of bigger schools have some pretty intense club teams, which is always an option. i have a friend at SUNY Binghamton who is doing far more running with the club than he ever did in high school.


Yeah MSU has a pretty good club so I hear


So that’s always an option. I’m applying to a pretty wide variety of schools athlletically, since my track times last year don’t really represent me as a runner, but I still have to run some races this year to prove it.


where are you applying?


As of now: Butler, Allegheny, Kenyon, Ohio Wesleyan, SUNY Geneseo