Help a teenage mother get her new born a $25,000 scholarship


This teenage mother (Lauren) in addition to being a friend, is one of many children. Her mother is divorced and all her siblings are struggling with life, trying to make it in the world. Lauren’s 18 and her new born Aiden has a serious shot at winning $25,000 for a scholarship. She is one of the nicest people I know and she’s had a tough life. Please take a minute out of your day to go to:

  2. Click “search photos” and enter in ‘173410’ as an entry/ID
  3. Then simply give them your email and log into your email to confirm

Taken from the facebook group:

Aiden is now in 2nd! place out of literally thousands of babies!!

He needs your votes!! Please vote everyday!

His number when you search him is 173410.

This is his opportunity for a $25,000 scholarship!

Please help him get to first with your vote once a day every day!

It takes less than a minute!

Nov. 5 : 92 votes
Nov. 6: 150 votes
Nov. 7: 239 votes
Nov. 8: 389 votes
Nov. 9: 538 votes
Nov. 10: 669 votes

She’s a good mother in need. You can vote once a day. Thank you.

here’s a picture of the baby:


And here’s some music for this thread:



Except when people ask for money you don’t know if it is going toward food or booze. This is something positive that can help save someone’s life.


I would appreciate only positive comments. Thanks.

I’m playing this one pretty close to the heart. She really deserves to have something good happen to her. Or at least her new born.


i have an embarrassing confession. i watch a whole lot of 16 & pregnant and teen mom and think they’re awesome shows. voted.


I don’t want to be that guy, but the fact that she’s a teen doesn’t garner any sympathy from me. I’ll vote for her, but I’m not gonna get emotional like she has cancer or something.
puts on flame suit


Not to come off as a total asshole… but why should I vote for your friend’s baby over any of the other babies? I’m sure they could all use a $25k scholarship.


Yes let’s help someone who is easily going to live a long life while countless lives are being lost needlessly in Africa. Oh did I mention that the people in certain parts of Africa will be lucky if they see this woman’s age?

Since when do we put higher education above LIFE?


I love all the self-righteousness going on in here.


You’re welcome.


If you would like to help people in Africa, I would recommend you visit this website:

By voting, you are helping to improve the quality of Aiden’s life. It’s simple, takes less than a minute, and free.

edit: As to why you should choose Aiden over the other babies - is a good question. To be perfectly fair one would have to review all of the thousands of babies stories and choose the best one. However that’s an unlikely case. I’ll admit I’ve only talked to Lauren a few times, but I know her mother’s story, and her story. Vote for whoever you feel should win.


I was kind of thinking the same thing, but then I thought wait don’t you think the teenage girl should go to college too?


Thank you, I had no idea that the Peace Corps existed! Now that I know this I can actually do things instead of just talking about them! You administrators get more and more helpful each and every day.


so you decide to censor all negative comments against your idea, but not against anybody elses? Sounds a bit like a dictatorship to me.


Come on guys. This is no different from vote that my college should name their red zone the inferno. Vote for my friend Dakota who is hot.


She’s a little young don’t you think?

But whatever floats your boat I guess.



Cute kid. I don’t know the mother’s story or anything at all really, but it is nice to be able to help someone in some small manner.

All the people coming up with stupid reasons to not vote should realize that many of them probably voted on NiceGuyEddie’s stupid thread to name his track ‘Inferno’ or w/e the heck it was. You’re only helping by voting for this person.


i meant that thread but okay. and dakota fanning is almost 17 now but okay.


Voted. Don’t you guys ever get tired of being dicks?


Not even close.


You say “but okay” a lot but okay.