Seems like an echo around here…:frowning:


Maybe it’s just reverb (not a long enough distance for echo, yet).:slight_smile:


I figured that nearly a month was long enough for the echo return…

nice to see someone still drops by!


undergoing computer troubles will be back as soon as possible


Hello all.
I drop by daily.
Each week there are a few people opening some of the threads on here so someone talks up the site now and then, I guess.


heard anything from Patti lately?


If PEDs are performance-enhancing drugs, what are GEDs, geds?


It is the acronym for my company that I recently closed.


That stinks. Hope that was a calculated decision and not a forced one.

Just in case you are in the Arlington, TN area tomorrow (Friday), we are doing our BBQ competition. Good times!




how did you do in the competition?

Re: the business - I shut down one and went back to work for the power company so we’d have insurance (the missus retired). I still retained minority ownership in another business, but the economy is not doing it any favors…


I hear you. I dabbled in Real Estate for a few years, right when the market crashed. I lost a ton of money…

We finished 11th, which is pretty good for that competition (mostly Memphis in May competitors). We got killed by one judge. Why? We forgot to give her water… Oooops. Perfect scored the rest.


Who drinks water with BBQ? Should have offered tea or beer!


What no ice cream?

hey bolt…what’s your fee for a par-tae at moi’s yard?

pm moi


Not allowed too, unfortunately:(

Je ne parle pas Francais, tres bien.

Fee??? Well, for starter’s, my smoker is on an 18 foot trailer. Not the most mobile thing in the world:o

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