Heat warning


Has there been any discussion about running 3200 in the middle of the day?


like talking to a dead horse… topic every year


Why is the 3200 placed where it is?

It’s becoming common now for heat to suddenly slam down on NJ in late May, leaving the athletes no time to heat acclimate.
The time spent before and during the event subjects the 3200 runners to far more heat stress than there will be in any other event. There is a true risk of heat induced illness that can be easily mitigated with more intelligent scheduling of the event, and the meet in general.

-Even distribution/spacing with other events
-Boredom with watching so many distance races going on

These are the reasons I have heard for why the event is where it is on the schedule, and for the start times of the meet. Maybe there are other reasons.

The question I have for whoever has the final say on the matter at the NJSIAA is which of these reasons trumps the health and safety concerns that are quite real with the current scenario?

In a post on a different topic on this site it was said that there are many people influencing decisions in the sport ( officials, administrators, writers, etc.) who are less in contact with the realities of the sport than the coaches. It’s tough to disagree with that view.


The weather report for Friday 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
4 pm 91
5 pm 89
6 pm 87
7 pm 86
8 pm 84

Saturday 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
11 am 84
12 pm 87
1 pm 88
2 pm 89
3 pm 90

Those are the time periods the races would be run. I fail to see the massive difference between Fri PM and Sat AM

It’s late May
It’s New jersey
It’s hot
It’s unfortunate
hydrate well and be careful

Or do you suggest we eliminate the 3200?


according to NOA …

high is 81 Friday and 80 Saturday at Egg Harbor, so I don’t see the reason for concern :smiley:



Depending on the humidity, something as minor as a 5-7 difference in temperature can be a 15-20 degree difference in heat index.

That will make a small difference into a massive difference.

If you can avoid having kids run in 100 degree heat index weather, why wouldn’t you?



No, I do not want to see the 3200 eliminated. What I hope for is a best, or at least better effort to address the issue. Six or seven degrees difference isn’t trivial when the temperatures are pushing 90. Full sun exposure lumps on something like 15 degrees to the heat index, so going last near sundown, or starting the meet earlier than 11:00 am would be an improvement.

I’m sure most of the coaches are doing all they can to help their athletes get ready. With a forecast of 90 today in my town, it is currently 95 according to weather.com. Let’s hope for the best tomorrow.


We’re not really debating how 8 PM and 2 PM are different are we?


GeorgietheK (Doc) – I absolutely understand what you’re saying. You’re the expert here. But how can we plan the week before to change an order of events?

My general point is that its real hot vs really hot and last weekend was real cold and rainy vs really cold and rainy.

Suppose tomorrow was a scorcher and then the front came in and it was cooler Saturday – happens all the time.

You can’t change an order of events on the fly and they do discuss it annually. I believe the current order 1600 on Fri. 800/3200 stems from more 8/16 and 16/32 doubles than 8/32 to give decent rest.

I don’t know how you solve this.

Doc whadda you think?


Maybe start Saturday’s meet at 9 am?
But what about teams with 2 hour bus rides?


It’s a bigger issue at sectionals IMO.


Paul, last year at Randolph they had a hose spraying a fine mist during 3200 at sectionals. That would be great if the two sites could have that available on Saturday. Can you help?


I personally would rather see the 4x8 lead off Friday and the 3200 close it. Then the open 1600 and 800 on Saturday. Bennett and I debated this last year. I think doubling down 1600 to 800 in one day lends itself for a better double. He thought fresh legs meant more in an intense event like the 800. I see both sides. But this was my vote when the relays were added and input was taken for the order of events. Allows for a two day 32/16 double still, separate days for two 800s, or a 1600/800 double, or a two day 4x8/1600 double. Kids who are prepared to pull that double off will do it - otherwise it’s probably time to pick one event anyway.

Either way, safety has to be priority #1. Don’t wait for something tragic to happen to make a change. Last year at the sectionals, girls in the 3200 running at 2:00 in the sun and humidity were dropping left and right.

Ironically, we are required by our district (maybe NJSIAA, I don’t know) to be certified in a heat acclimatization course. The difference from last week to this week is huge, and it’s exactly what is covered in this course. It takes the body at least 2 weeks to acclimate to the severe change in temps. So this WILL be an issue.

Paul I get what you’re saying about last minute changes. But I think what the others are getting at is this - if the schedule is planned based on the worst case conditions, then you’re playing better safe than sorry.

ps. I’m not a doctor so I apologize for hijacking this question as it was not meant for me.

Gould – Esq.

Groups Championship Scoring

A doctor couldn’t have - and wouldn’t have put it better.

I was thinking a similar thing with the schedule, esp now with the 4 x 8. Makes much more sense that way.

And Paul, you can’t predict daily weather far in advance, but you can give the athletes the best possible shot at the safest weather. Putting the longest event on the schedule exactly at the peak temp/humidity combinations is pretty much the definition of “not thinking.”

And for what? So that you can make a double easier? It’s a terrible rationale, and one that is easily corrected.

Then again, maybe we should just move all 3200s to peak thunderstorm weather… :rolleyes:



I still wonder what might have been … but am so proud of my guys for running #1 and #2 in the world that year at 2800m. Everyone remember the “lightning detectors are too expensive” thing? Our athletic trainer just ordered one. $150. Then again … the radar on the internet is free … the public library or lightning detectors if you will.



Gould I think you’re to something by switching the 4-x-800 and the 3200s.

But under optimum conditions would you double a kid in the …4x8 and 32 on Friday?

(And Doc that is a consideration – its still a track meet)


If our team needed that. But I think that happens way less than what occured this year, the 1600 4x800 double on Friday. We had 3 of those vs. 2 4x800 3200 doubles.


What Gould said.

Except 800/1600 Saturday instead of 1600/800.



What do you know about those events anyway??? …