Harry Potter part dos


Was awesome in 3D.


DMT is a hell of a drug.

x_x x_x :cool: :cool:


no seriously I got to go see it for free today.


That’s pretty sick, but I think I got you beat.

The Tooth Fairy had a house party tonight, and I played a game of Beirut with Jesus, the Easter Bunny, and Neil Patrick Harris. NPH and I dominated obviously.


You should prove it brah. Tell us what happens in the end.


Dumbledore dies on page 596.


Some radio station was giving away free tickets for an early showing and my friend got some and he invited me and my lady to go see it.

I have the 3d Glasses.


I’m getting surgery tomorrow morning on my ear and I thought I’d be screwed out of seeing it at midnight. That **** got flipped around so now I’m going AND I’m going to have a turban on my head because of the surgery.

P-p-p-poor st-st-st-stuttering Quirrell, at your service.


Arnt they like special shapped harry potter glasses?


Part ocho*

The mall I’m going to see it at is giving away free tickets for the first 50 people who show up at 3pm tomorrow. Too bad anyone that has a Harry Potter costume likely has had their tickets for weeks.