Hamza Driouch


[INDENT]2012 World Junior Champion
3:33.69 PR at the age of 17
World Youth Record Holder at 1000m
IAAF Profile
Born in Morocco, also a Citizen of Qatar

Source: http://www.foxsports.com/olympics/story/qatari-middle-distance-runner-given-two-year-doping-ban-022415


Laalou will be eligible in 16’ on the other hand :rolleyes:.


Was he being coached by Kada, Aden, or somebody else?


Driouch and Farah training




He just escaped the new 4 year ban by a couple days. I wish we’d get a whistle blower like in cycling and the dirty training groups would start to fall.


How did this kid get banned? What funny is that he is Moroccan and kind of looks like El Guerrouj if you look at that picture of him. Morocco does have a knack for producing pretty good 1500m runners.


He looks strikingly similar to El Geurrouj