Hamstrings: The Bane of Jamaica


That’s hamstring issues this season for Blake, Bolt and now Powell …

I have no doubt that Blake and Bolt will come back in some way, shape or form but I don’t know how many more injuries Powell can deal with based upon how his career has played out plus it seems he has other business interests.

We’ll see I guess.


Ah yes, the classic “hamstring issues”. Such a weak muscle those hamstrings…


I’ve never had hamstring problems, but I know a lot of people who have gotten them. In general, what causes hamstring problems?


The human animal has it’s limits. These guys are trained to be with-in a hair of that limit.
Over the limit and you are broken
under it you are a semifinalist at best


Running fast, hence why you have not had issues with yours. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:



I’ve pulled both my hamstrings 3 times. What can cause it:

Muscle imbalances
Poor flexibility
Improper warm up
Bad luck
Going past the thin line of perfection to over-fatigue as referenced by the wise turtle earlier …


Ouch :stuck_out_tongue: ! Haha that would make sense… I’m a 4:26 miler with high-27 max 200m speed.


In Bolts case…too much partying and not enough rest. Lol joking but that probably is a tiny factor.

Doesn’t he get a minor hamstring issue at the start of every outdoor season? Powell doesn’t surprise me at all I can’t believe he is still sprinting(still runs well but plagued by injuries).


Bolt’s stuff has been all over the map. In 2010 it was back injuries, and that was the only year he pulled the plug on a season after Gay beat him in Stockholm I believe it was. I think 2011 was the car crash year. Then last year it was also hammy related if I’m remembering correctly.


Hamstring issues and back issues are often connected. The posterior chain …


Lydiard said to run up hills and stairs to prevent hammy injuries.