Hamline Elite Meet




Do you think any will be over 10 minutes?


I’m just saying it’s likely for most if not all of the field to get out too fast and based on those faulty seed times some of the field may not fair too well. Should be an exciting race though as well as the mile.


I think yes, undoubtedly.

With 16 runners who are all used to being at or near the front of the competition the entire race and with varying levels of experience and competitiveness, there will be at least one runner who drops a bomb. It is nothing against that runner, they just didn’t have all their stuff on this exact and specific day in time. They are still a great runner, but it just may not be their day. It can happen to anybody.

Even Jake Sandry. :wink:

And for my two cents, I have no problem with these entries. This is a competitive meet, and it is early in the season, and all these runners are easily capable of running whatever times. Quite likely, every single one of these runners will advance to the State meet this year (except for some of the slower guys from 6AA), and their seeds for State will probably be even faster. Not to mention, it is the coach’s call on the seed times, and track and CC coaches are, in general, and especially moreso than a lot of other sports, gentlemanly and honest enough not to BS an entry into a meet like this. That is not to say they won’t try to get any advantage they can (who doesn’t?) or that they won’t flat-out BS it (those coaches certainly do exist), but I trust them enough to trust these entries. Anyways, this meet is exciting and an experience to run in, and these runners can run against a lot of good competition (for maybe the only time before the State meet for a lot of them), but other than that, there isn’t anything special about this meet, and many very deserving athletes are not entered because of that. As for those complaining that some athletes “should not” be there, I say that every single one of these athetes, in addition to many others around the State, all completely deserve to be there, and I have no problem with that.


That’s just the Jefferson state cross country curse, it doesn’t apply to track or skiing.

On a separate topic, I feel like the 1600-3200 conversions are accurate in terms of comparable difficulty, it’s just that most high school track runners do training that caters to the 800/1600 instead of the 3200. Real 3200 training for an upper level high schooler would be something like 50-70mpw along with a good mix of tempo, long intervals, and speed works. Most programs run 25-40 with lots of faster, shorter intervals. Thus most athletes can run relatively fast mile races compared to the 2.


Live coverage and live feed


two mile on now, watching before i go out for the night.

Splits are:
1:07 (clark leads)
2:15 (I think irondale takes over for 200 or so)
3:23 (thorson takes over)
5:41 (clark still with him)
6:48 (Only clark hanging on, everyone else blew up)
7:56 (Thorson dropped Clark on 6th lap’s back stretch)

Are you kidding me… i got an advertisement in the last 100 meters. This is like blue balls

EDIT: Downthebackstretch got my back, Thorson pulls a 9:00.79! So f**king fast.


Thorson 9:00.xx


Thorson in 9:00.79. Impressive! Makes me wonder what he’ll be able to do in a month or two. Not even finnerty/mead/etc. could go this fast this early, only Torchia has bettered that time.

Girls up next, the one race I’ve been waiting for (Wish I had seen Thorson do work).
Also impressed by Nielsen/Zenner. Both in 2:11.


400m- Hauger/Piep thru in 74. Two Armstrong girls right on tails.
800m- Hauger/Piep/Armstrong/Anderson in a pack of 4 in 2:32
1200m- Hauger/Piep/Anderoson and Armstrong falling off Top 3 thru at 3:51
1600m- Hauger with Piepenburg close behind and Anderson 5 meters back. 5:11

2000m- Still Hauger with Piepenburg right behind. Anderson has fell 10 meters back. 6:32
2400m- Piepenburg right on Haugers shoulder and Anderson has dropped out of the picture. I expect the race will pick up right now. 7:54 IMO Hauger looks to be tightening up.
2800m- Same story 9:18.
3200m- Piepenburg made a move with 300m and had a 10m+ lead on Hauger with 200m left. Piepenburg in 10:27ish. Flanagan 2nd and Hauger 3rd. They came in around 10:31ish.

Piepenburg raced perfectly tonight. Let Hauger do what she does, lead and Jamie just sat on her until the last 300m. I was right with Hauger looking tight with 800m to go. Great race to watch unfold, and Flanagan with a crazy kick to come from about 20m back to get 2nd. I believe Anderson was 4th.

According to DTB, that run puts Jamie as the 5th fastest MN high school runner all-time. It’s behind Wetsch/Yetzer/Bergstedt/Dyer and now Piepenburg


Could Thorson go to Nike Outdoor Nationals? Does that conflict with the MSHSL rules? Does he need a full team to qualify?


Yes he can go to New Balance Outdoor Nationals. It does not conflict with any rules (even if did, it would not matter, since he is a senior and the state meet is over). He does not need a team.


It’s now called New Balance Nationals. No, it doesn’t conflict with MSHSL rules and that time would put him in NBN, just a matter of being in the fast heat or 2nd heat.


Perfect might be a stretch, it was smart, if not deja vu, it will be interesting to see the tactics come the 2nd Friday in June. Flanagan was impressive.


:smiley: :wink:


These 3 also made US Jr Nats. Clark made New Balance Outdoor Nats.

Clark 9:09.50
Macon 9:13.50
Orlow 9:14.00


Does anyone have complete results of the 32? I’m fairly certain they’re not up yet, though.




12 guys ran faster than their seeds.


And nobody ran over 10…