Hamline Elite Meet


Anyone have the preliminary heat sheets yet?

I really hope Hopkins boys run the 4x800, they could easily go sub 8, besting the meet record of 8:00.


How often is Salargo going to run the 800? I imagine that the gophers will move him up to the 600-1000 range next year.


Perhaps just 4x800 for sections and state as they look the be the favorites to win state in the 4x800 right now. His state meet could be 4x800, 400, 4x400… Heavy load with prelims and everything, but that’s what Mellon did. Although it might be difficult for Hopkins to qualify in the 4x400, new rule only helps though.


…only Mellon was 4x800, 800, and 4x400, but it would still be a heavy load.

Hopkins will have no problem qualifying for the 4x400 by time. There might be four 4x400’s in section 6AA that make it if they all stack. Wayzata and Hopkins both, EP (they won State two years ago, although they missed it last year), and Armstrong.


Oops, wasn’t thinking straight. Well that’s two less laps he’ll have to run at the state meet then.


Preliminary entry list



Looks like Burke, Welch, Lawrence, Orlow, Jan, and Macon are entered in both the 1600 and 3200. Runners rarely double at this meet, so by friday morning we’ll see some new additions to those races most likely. Macon will probably do 4x800 and 3200. Kelly, LaVallee Peterson are also in the 1600 and 800, Kelly will have to drop one if he’s in Chanhassen’s 4x800.


They haven’t always had 16 guys in the 1600 and 3200 have they?


Those seed times for the 32 are a joke… I laughed


I’m assuming many of the guys converted their 1600 times. I know when I was in it they converted 4:29.9 to 9:38 something which seemed a little too fast…


No, originally it was going to be 9, but I know somebody lobbied Coach Reder at the time to go 12-16 for the distance events because the track can handle a field that size.


[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=1]14 Klecker, Joe Hopkins 9:41.24

This is either very impressive, or complete BS on the part of the Hopkins coaching staff. The Hopkins staff seem pretty prompt about sending their times into raceberry for the honor roll, and i dont see this one on there. If it’s true, then his pr is already 15 seconds ahead of big bro’s seasonal best in the 32…



The conversion factor used by Hamline seems to be about 2.14
(1600 time x 2.14 = 3200 seed time)

Generous, but consistently applied over the years for this meet.
Half the field might not have run a 3200 yet this season. Let’s see how many really belong there on Friday night.


Conversion from his 4:30.6 at Shakopee Relays.


Interesting, I didn’t know Hamline converted times from other events. I see their point in that many elite kids haven’t run a 3200 yet this year, but i think this is a bad idea. For example, it almost knocked Ketterson out of the race, someone who i would definitely expect to be in the mix with Thorson, Macon, Clark, Orlow, and Olson if he is healthy. If they are going to allow for converted 1600 times, then they should also allow runners’ PR’s from prior seasons.

If I were a part of the elite meet committee, I would take out the conversions altogether and have the stance of, "if you want to run this meet, make sure you have run a qualifying time in YOUR EVENT from earlier that season. By now, each team has had at least 2 meets under their belts this season – as a coach, you cant tell me that this isn’t enough time to have put your “elite” runner in a race at the same distance you want him/her to run in the Hamline Elite Meet…

I am sure there are kids who are worthy of being in this race based on a time they’ve already run this year, but instead did not make it in due to someone’s converted 1600 time being better than their actual 3200 time…


Remember the owner of the meet is a college and conversions are a bigger part of what they do. In addition the meet date is dictated by Drake Relays and in some years the weather is such that if you live north of Forest Lkae you may have only one or two meets where you had a chance to run well. Its pretty simple you want to run at the elite meet do what it takes to qualify and in the 3200 it means run fast in the 3200 or the 1600.


I can’t wait till Thorson pulls it through in 4:35-4:40 and everybody suffers (besides the people that actually should be in the race which is only a few). Not only has the majority not raced a 32, but there’s also no way they will be ready for the fast pace.


So you’re saying it should be a 4 or 5 person race? Sounds pretty lame. I don’t usually like to read your negative posts.


Final Entries