Halloween costume ideas


Halloween parties are this weekend. What are you guys going as? I need some ideas.

I know there’s a thread from last year but a lot of the best ideas have to do with current things and I’m sure everyone is doing different things this year so I’m making a new one.


Lumberjack in the summer months



Go as a runner. Chick dig that.


Adolf Hipster, accompanied by a sign that says “#OccupyPoland.”




was thinking about getting a group of friends together and doing one of these 2 following ideas.

  1. get a group of people to dress as babies and have one girl be casey anthony

  2. get a group of people and make masks with all the different rage meme faces (trollface,forever alone etc.)


I feel you’re the only person i know that goes on reddit more than me


i saw it on imgur, but figured it came from reddit.


Kim Jung Il.


somehow i dont think that would go over too well if i did that. Like i seriously might get shot and/or beat up.


Still in Korea? Go as something Starcraft.


im here until next september and i have never played any of those games so not an option. I might recycle boondock saints or borrow my friends pimp outfit.


How about Castro or Qaddafi?


there is a big zombie fest here, so everyone is going to be qaddafi. Might have to do some research to see if i can pull off the castro look.


Its OD clothing, hat, and, cigar.




About as creative as us going as a runner for Halloween to a XC party.


I’m going as a hipster but I need help with costume ideas. Going to borrow some hipster shoes, got some tight jeans that I’m going to roll one pant leg up. Need to get some hipster glasses. What should I do for a shirt and hat?


Run DMC shirt. Fedora hat.