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Thanks to StillRunning for a big assis on getting the results for us.


one note, the frosh raced at 5k, not 1.89 miles as indicated, so the pace/mile is off considerably.
thanks to Voorhees AD and RD Al Stumpf for providing the results, and running a great meet. It was good to be back at Deer Path… and no snow!


or Garret or Warinanco?


Posted results reflect correct distance.
Thanks for pointing that out.


Matt McDonald won the race in 15:51. Same time he ran at Holmdel at Shore Coaches.


But he won this race and didn’t the other. We don’t know how much easier he ran here than Holmdel. That’s the problem with these kind of comparisons.


Agree it’s tough to draw these comparisons, especially if the sample size is one runner. Prior to your email, my gut instinct was that Deer Path, as configured yesterday, still runs 15-20 seconds faster than Holmdel. I’d say the old course was closer to 30 - 35 seconds, based on years of watching kids compete there.
I don’t think Matt ran as hard yesterday, my impression… he was not up against Elkaim, and I doubt that he backed off for this race the way he would have for Shore… speculating here, but I think he would have prepped differently for Elkaim. So, his 15:51 yesterday is probably not worth 15:51 in the Shore race… 15-20 seconds difference? Probably.

Looking at Voorhees girls, the front six who ran Shore and H/W/S averaged 35 seconds faster yesterday. The top 3 for HC averaged 18.6 faster. Again, not sure what the strategy of each team was going into each race, how tapered/not, or if the ensuing week and a half of training would make a significant difference, but I do tend to think that HC goes hard in most invitational and championship races, so again I’ll speculate that 15-20 seconds is the approximate difference between the two courses, given equal effort and focus. From my lense, Voorhees looked ready to run, no dead legs there… maybe Shore was not that big an emphasis to them. As another coach told me, whose kids ran well yesterday, we’ve looked good at Shore in prior years, but did not show up at the end of the season… so, he de-emphasized Shore as a focused effort.
My $.02.