just got back from the casino. its 630 am. im tuned up. somehow managed to be up $100. what should i spend it on???


Well, fvck you. Some of us have been working on lab reports all night instead.


I’m going to a drug test today to go start working at a casino.

Anyone wanna launder money with me?


strippers. hot ones though



Or hide it away until you nail a date with a total hottie.


fall break started yesterday my man. also english major ftw.


Go back to the casino again.




Buy 100 $1 scratch tickets. Odds are that one of them will hit and you’ll get back above even.


put it all on black


I have an awful experience doing that. Once I put $50 on black and lost. So I put $100 on black to break even and lost again. Had to go to the ATM and took $200 out and it actually worked. If I had lost again I couldn’t have taken enough out of the ATM to break even again.


a winner.

at all costs


My problem is I make enough money to gamble a decent biut but not enough to gamble a lot. It’s a really tough balance. I’;m one of those people who gamble for fun and not to win and losing is really just entertainment to me.


I plan on spending allll my money at River’s when i come to pittsburgh next month for a week. You should b there.


Hey let me know and I’ll meet you down there for a few hours. I was there on Saturday and got rocked for a couple hundred. They had $1 IC Light cans though so I got really drunk and didn’t care.


Bar I always go to has $1 keystone ice bottles. Tastes horrible, but if you start off with shots you don’t care. Don’t really want to try their advertised $4 “Gooch Juice” drink.